Further Applications

Glass tubing for further applications

Today, SCHOTT Tubing produces 60 different special glass types in an extremely wide range of dimensions. The properties of each glass type are focused on its intended use. Whereas some glass types are designed exclusively for one particular task, others are very versatile in regard to their range of application.

One good example – DURAN® glass tubing: DURAN® glass tubing, capillary and rods are uniquely suited for a very diverse range of applications. Whether it's for use in large-scale industrial plants or engineering and designing laboratories, chemical apparatus and environmental technology Duran's unique qualities make it extremely versatile. It offers high temperature resistance and minimal thermal expansion as well as high corrosion resistance to acids, salt solutions, caustic solutions and organic substances.

In view of the wide range of dimensions offered, DURAN® is not only used for test tubes, filter apparatus and flowmeters, but also for refrigeration and distillation systems. Other applications are pipeline construction for chemical and waste water plants, heat exchangers, gas desulphurization plants, solar collectors and explosion-proof lamps.

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