FIOLAX glass tubing for the pharmaceutical industry

FIOLAX® Glass tubing for pharmaceutical packaging

SCHOTT's extensive product line of borosilicate glass tubing for the pharmaceutical industry corresponds to the guidelines of the current international regulatory authorities. Some examples are Ph. Eur., USP, JP and international standards such as ISO 720, ISO 719 and ASTM E 438.

SCHOTT Fiolax glass tubing 1911
While manufacturers of primary pharmaceutical packaging specifically appreciate the reliable workability of our glass tubes their customers, the pharmaceutical companies, have other primary concerns. They are more concerned with the hydrolytic resistance of the glass as well as having a reliable supplier and risk management. SCHOTT understands these expectations and is now in the position to produce FIOLAX®, one of the best-quality special glass types for pharmaceutical packaging, in the same quality at 3 locations throughout the world.
For vials and ampoules, closed tubing ends are manufactured in accordance with SCHOTT’s own DENSOCAN® system, which is a safe and reliable way to avoid contamination in the process chain, both before and during processing. To stop the tubes from moving and thus avoiding scratches, SCHOTT has developed DENSOPACK™. Each bundle of tubes is shrink wrapped with foil at both ends to allow for better stability and safety during transport.  In addition, the whole pallet is shrink wrapped for supplemental protection.

The certification of SCHOTT Tubing locations in Brasil and Germany under EN ISO 15378:2011, which incorporates all GMP principles, is further evidence of SCHOTT's high standards of quality. The certification at the Indian production site is in preparation.