DURAN® Glass Bends

Durable alternative for pneumatic conveying systems

SCHOTT offers high precision glass bends made from optimum quality DURAN® in a wide range of diameters with various bend angles. For reliable protection against electrostatic discharge, it is necessary to provide all tubing with copper conductive tape. Resistance-free flow is ensured by accurately matching the inner diameter of the glass bends to existing conveying systems. The transparency of the glass ensures simple monitoring of the material flowing through. With its food grade properties glass is perfectly suited for the food industry.

High quality borosilicate glass is distinguished by its durability and its favorable price/benefit ratio.
Exhibitions & Events
Exhibition Powtech, Nuremberg, Germany, 09-26 to 09-28-2017
Exhibition Algae Biomass Summit, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, 10-29 to 11-01-2017
Exhibition GFIA, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 02-05 to 02-06-2018
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