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The New Brand for all Cover & Touch Technologies

SCHOTT Xensation<sup>®</sup> cover glass for all display and cover & touch technologies

Xensation® is the answer to all of your cover and touch technology needs. SCHOTT is unique in being able to offer the broadest range of high-quality glass types for all cover and touch applications, including capacitive, resistive, optical and acoustic.

Xensation® Cover - Alumino-silicate glass for capacitive touch technologies

Xensation® Cover is a high-quality alumino-silicate glass with outstanding resistance to breakage and scratches for capacitive touch technologies.


Xensation® Cover AG

Alumino-silicate glass with anti-glare for capacitive touch technologies

Xensation® Cover ITS

Chemically strengthened alumino-silicate glass sheets for innovative integrated touch solutions

Xensation® Touch - Clear borosilicate glass for resistive touch technologies

Xensation® Touch is a thin, clear borosilicate glass with outstanding resistance to chemical attack and tough environmental conditions for resistive touch technologies.



Xensation® Look - Clear borosilicate glass for optical touch technologies

Xensation® Look is a thin, clear borosilicate glass with high transmission in IR and VIS for optical touch technologies.



Xensation® Sound - Clear, high transmission crown glass for acoustic touch technologies

Xensation® Sound is a clear, high transmission crown glass resulting in pure transformation of signals for acoustic touch technologies.



Discover the new Xensation® from Germany!


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