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Xensation Cover Scratch resistant

SCHOTT Xensation® Cover Coming to a Device Near You

SCHOTT Xensation® Cover glass, the strongest cover glass available on the market today, will soon be appearing in consumer electronic devices everywhere.


SCHOTT Xensation® Cover hält Einzug in die Unterhaltungselektronik

SCHOTT Xensation® Cover, das derzeit härteste am Markt verfügbare Deckglas, bald überall in mobilen Kommunikationsgeräten im Einsatz.
Xensation Cover Anti Glare

Ultra-strong cover glass for display applications without irritating glare

SCHOTT teams up with glass processing specialist Berliner Glas to launch Xensation®
Cover AG (Anti-Glare), the world’s first ultra-strong cover glass with state-of-the-art anti-glare effect.


Ultrahartes Coverglas für Displayanwendungen ohne störende Blendwirkung

Mit Xensation® Cover AG (Anti-Glare) bietet SCHOTT das weltweit einzige besonders blendfreie und zugleich ultraharte Spezialglas - ein Ergebnis der gemeinsamen Entwicklung mit Glasbearbeitungsspezialist Berliner Glas.
Extremely hard display glass: SCHOTT Xensation® Cover
SCHOTT manufactures what is now the hardest cover glass available for cover and touch applications in Jena
Jena, October 6, 2011 – The international technology group and special glass manufacturer SCHOTT introduced its new cover glass for touch panels to the German public today in Jena. SCHOTT Xensation® Cover is the name of this extremely hard cover and touch glass for use in smartphones and tablet PCs. It is currently considered to be the hardest product of its kind on the market.


Ultrahartes Displayglas: SCHOTT Xensation® Cover
SCHOTT stellt in Jena das derzeit härteste Deckglas für kapazitive Cover-&-Touch-Applikationen her
Jena, 6. Oktober, 2011 – Der internationale Technologiekonzern und Spezialglashersteller SCHOTT hat heute der deutschen Öffentlichkeit sein neues Deckglas für Touchpanels vorgestellt: SCHOTT Xensation® Cover lautet der Name des ultraharten Cover-&-Touch-Glases für den Einsatz in Smartphones und Tablet PCs. Es ist das derzeit härteste am Markt verfügbare Produkt seiner Art.
Stronger. Sleeker. More resilient. These qualities define what consumers demand from the latest touch screen devices like smartphones and tablet PCs – and what SCHOTT Xensation® Cover glass will deliver. Until now, consumers and device manufacturers had few options. The arrival of this touch screen cover glass from the SCHOTT Xensation® glass family offers a significantly stronger solution to provide tougher, sleeker and more resilient devices.
SCHOTT’s new family of Xensation® products offers solutions for all touchscreen applications

Whether it be a smartphone, tablet PC, computer monitor, notebook, or navigation system, the desirability of such consumer electronics is greatly enhanced by having a touchscreen interface. There are a number of different touchscreen technologies available, and SCHOTT is the only technical glass manufacturer that can offer a family of touch panel glasses that can meet all the requirements of the touchscreen market. The new glass range will be launched under the brand name Xensation®, at the world's largest display technology conference, SID Display Week 2011 (May 15 – 20), in Los Angeles, California.