SCHOTT Hard & Clear coatings

Mobile device makers have adopted expensive cover glass, but those materials still suffer from reflectivity and scratches, the bane of smartphone ownership. “Hard & Clear” increases clarity and increases scratch resistance. With “Hard & Clear” reflections can be reduced by up to 80 percent1 and scratch resistance increased by up to 90 percent2 compared to an uncoated cover glass. “Hard & Clear” can be applied on various glass types3.
SCHOTT Hard Cover Solutions Process

Key benefits:

Increased Clarity1

  • Increased transmission (Anti Reflection)
  • Marginal finger prints (Easy to Clean)
  • Coating visibility close to bare glass color

Increased Scratch Resistance2

  • Increased scratch resistance
  • High abrasion durability

One for all

  • Suitable for various glass types3

Low add on costs

  • In line production using standard sputtering equipment
  • Fits into standard cover glass supply chains (plug & play)
1 Comparison of average reflections on coated (with Hard & Clear Type II Durable Anti-Reflection) vs. uncoated chemically strengthened lumino silicate glass. Measured for single air – glass interface for the wavelength 400 – 700nm (relevant wavelength for the human eye)
2 Sandpaper scratch test applied. Chemically strengthened alumino-silicate glass coated with Hard & Clear Type I (Ultra Hard) compared to traditional uncoated chemically strengthened alumino-silicate cover glass
3 Various alumino-silicate glass types tested. Coating characteristics may differ if other glass substrates used.

Product Types
SCHOTT hard coating solutions include two different product types.

Mass production capability for "Hard&Clear"

  • Fits into standard cover glass supply chains
  • Coating is done after screen printing
  • Uses an inline sputter process to achieve high machine utilization rates
  • Increased yield feasible due to
    • a coating design that enables a stable color location
    • a reduced number of coating layers
Hard Coating Supply Chain

Commercialization of "Hard&Clear"

  • SCHOTT developed a hard coating system with anti reflection for smartphones
  • SCHOTT AG is not selling or producing “Hard & Clear”
  • SCHOTT AG grants technology licenses for Hard & Clear Coating to coating specialists
  • First Chinese coating specialist is offering mass production