SCHOTT Hard & Clear coating
Sandpaper Test

SCHOTT’s engineers and technical experts put the ultra hard coating through rigorous tests to simulate real-world usage. The ultra hard coating underwent a fierce sandpaper test with very hard Korund sandpaper at a force of 2 kilograms and 50 oscillations, a trial designed to mimic the keys, coins, and sand that mobile devices encounter in handbags and pockets.

The anti scratch performance of SCHOTT Hard & Clear is close to that of sapphire

Sandpaper Scratch test
1 Optical evaluation of haze induced by scratches compared to an unscratched alumino-silicate glass surface 2 Sand paper grade P400 (Korund = AI2O3) resembling hardness of ~13000 MPa 3 Coated on chemically strengthened alumino silictae glass

Test set-up:

Use of very hard sandpaper2 at a force of 2 kg and 50 oscillations.

Test result:

Even strong scratch performance of alumino-silicate glass can be improved further with SCHOTT Hard & Clear coatings.
SCHOTT Hard & Clear coatings are close to sapphire performance.