SCHOTT Hard & Clear coatings
Steel Wool Test

The coatings underwent the standard industry steel wool abrasion test. A weight load of 1 kilogram was applied to a 10 millimeter by 10 millimeter piece of steel wool type #0000, rubbing the steel wool at a speed of 40 cycles per minute. The coating stayed intact for >4,000 abrasions cycles.

SCHOTT Hard & Clear withstands more than 4,000 steel wool cycles in mass production.

Steel Wool Abrasion Test
Steel Wool Abrasion Test

Test set-up and requirement (Typical mobile phone industry requirement):

Steel wool abrasion test with
  - Steel wool type #0000s
  - Steel wool size: 10 x 10 mm
  - Weight load: 1 kg
  - Cycle speed: 40 cycles/min.
  - Passed with water contact angle >100 °

Test result:

SCHOTT Hard & Clear coatings achieve a durability of  more than 4,000 steel wool test cycles (mass production standard). Normal specifications only require 3,000 cycles. In SCHOTT labs even up to 10,000 cycles have been demonstrated.
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