Type I "Ultra Hard"

"Ultra Hard Coating" for maximum scratch resistance

  • Reduces scratches by up to 90% over traditional chemically strengthened alumino-silicate cover glass1
  • Reduces reflections by ~75%2

Facts and Figures:

  Type I
(Ultra Hard)
Bare chemically strengthened
alumino silicate glass
Scratch Resistance1 Excellent
(>90% scratches reduced)
Avg. Residual Reflection2
(air – glass)
(~1 %)
(~4 %)
Coating Visibility (color effect) Marginal Neutral
(bare glass)
Easy to Clean durability Increased
(>4.000 cycles)
Easy to Clean
Breakage Strength3 Good Good

Detailed technical data can be provided upon request.

Sandpaper scratch test applied. Chemically strengthened alumino-silicate glass coated compared to traditional uncoated chemically strengthened alumino-silicate cover glass
2 Comparison of average reflections on coated vs. uncoated chemically strengthened lumino silicate glass. Measured for single air – glass interface for the wavelength 400 – 700nm (relevant wavelength for the human eye)
3 Compared with uncoated, strengthened alumino silicate glass. Tested with a “real usage ball drop test” (coating faced up) with sandpaper