SCHOTT Xensation® Cover AG

Alumino-silicate glass with anti-glare for capacitive touch technologies

Xensation Cover AG ( anti-glare)
Xensation® Cover AG is a high-quality alumino-silicate glass now available with a state-of-the-art anti-glare solution. In addition to offering the outstanding resistance to damage that Xensation® Cover has become renowned for, Xensation® Cover AG is designed to improve and/or optimize the readability and visibility of high resolution displays during use under adverse conditions, such as bright sunlight or high ambient lighting.

Key benefits of Xensation® Cover AG

  • The world’s first ultra-strong cover glass with state-of-the-art anti-glare effect
  • Significantly reduces glare on high resolution displays, even under adverse viewing conditions (bright sunlight, high ambient lighting)
  • Uniform, homogenous surface modification offers improved visibility and smooth touch experience for consumers
  • Unique surface structure optimized for easy cleaning and fingerprint resistance
  • Flexibility of the novel etching process offers opportunities for custom gloss values
  • Both chemical and thermal strengthening are compatible with Xensation® Cover AG
  • Mechanical and strength performance properties of the base glass are not affected by the surface treatment
Reflections without anti-glare   Xensation Cover AG with anti-glare
Standard Cover Glass - Undesirable reflections
Xensation® Cover AG -  Significantly reduces glare, even under adverse viewing conditions (bright sunlight, high ambient lighting)