SCHOTT a main contributor to the SPIE conference “Optical Systems Design”

Presentations on BK7 & BG60/61/62 blue glass IR cut filters round off SPIE event in Barcelona

Dr. Peter Hartmann, Dr. Steffen Reichel and Dr. Frank-Thomas Lentes presented the latest results on the optical glass N-BK7® and optical filter glasses BG60/61/62 at the SPIE conference “Optical Systems Design” in Barcelona at the end of November 2012.

Dr. Peter Hartmann, Director of Market and Customer Relations at SCHOTT Advanced Optics, held a presentation on the outstanding production and quality results that have been achieved with the optical glass type BK7.

BK7 is very common and has been around for years, therefore its performance is usually underestimated. On the occasion of the 110th anniversary of the introduction of BK7, Dr. Hartmann’s presentation highlighted the progress on the optical characteristics and technical findings that have been made with this glass and its continuing improvement even until today.
At the same time, an article entitled “110 years of BK7 – An optical glass type with a long tradition and continued progress” will be published soon as part of the SPIE proceedings.

Furthermore, Dr. Steffen Reichel, Development & Application Engineer, and Dr. Frank-Thomas Lentes, Process Development Engineer, presented the latest news on the blue filter glasses BG60/61/62 and its application as an IR cut filter in digital cameras like smartphone cameras.
Based on a digital camera design, a recommendation was given on the internal quality of the blue glass (e.g. striae content) IR cut filter. In addition, the integration of both the filter function and lens function were discussed. Here, a lens made out of blue glass was designed and a recommendation was given on the blue glass transmission and its internal quality. An article will also be published on this topic very shortly.

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