Highlights at ‚Photonics West‘ 2013

Once again in 2013, SCHOTT Advanced Optics will present new products and highlights at ‚Photonics West‘ in San Francisco. ‚Photonics West‘ has grown to be the flagship event for companies in the photonics industry, combining the most influential conferences and trade fairs for biophotonics and biomedical optics, industrial lasers and high-power laser manufacturing, optoelectronics, microfabrication, and green photonics.

As one of the best established exhibitors is reason enough for SCHOTT Advanced Optics to present new developments and products at this show. In 2013, SCHOTT will present a selection of its existing portfolio, and will focus on three new products.

SCHOTT will present its ultra-thin glass which is available in thicknesses down to the world‘s thinnest 25 micron on a roll-to-roll display, will introduce new blue filter glasses perfectly suited for the use as IR cut filter and will exhibit an impressive light weight structure piece of ZERODUR®, the wellknown zero expansion glass-ceramic.

After introducing three new CTE grades last year, ZERODUR® SPECIAL (CTE (0 °C, 50 °C) of 0 ± 0.010 ・ 10-6/K), ZERODUR® EXTREME (CTE (0 °C, 50 °C) of 0 ± 0.007 ・ 10-6/K) and ZERODUR® TAILORED, as optimized material to fit the final application temperature profile, this year an extremely light weighted ZERODUR® mirror blank for space applications is being presented. With an impressive diameter of 1200 mm and a remaining weight of only 45 kg it is the first open back mirror that achieves a light weighting factor close to 90% while the mirror performance data meets the requirements of space born missions for earth observation and space telescopes. With a rib thickness of only 2 mm and a parallel face sheet of only 8 mm, SCHOTT presents characteristics that have never been reported before.

Did we draw your attention? Then come and visit us and also listen to our product demos! Details will follow closer to the show.

Visit us at BiOS, February 2-3, 2013, booth 8218!

Visit us at PW 2013, February 5 -7, 2013, booth 1600!


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