Successful accreditation by the new Federal Authority DAkkS

The German Accreditation Office GmbH (DAkkS) was established on 1 January 2010 and is the national accreditation authority of the German Federal Republic, which audits, confirms and monitors the professional competence of laboratories, certification and inspection offices as an independent authority.

As part of accreditation, the products, processes, services or systems are inspected with regard to their reliability in terms of quality and safety, whether they comply with minimum technical standards and comply with the requirements of applicable standards, guidelines and regulations. The assessments provided by the DAkkS are an important contribution to the quality assurance of products and services, the trust of consumers and the competitiveness of the German industry.

Prior to the establishment of the DAkkS, companies, including SCHOTT AG, were accredited via private service providers, i.e. "The Association for Accreditation and Certification" (GAZ). This is no longer possible due to the establishment of the new national authority as all accreditations must be processed via the DAkkS, although the private companies may occasionally support the DAkkS.

At the beginning of this year this also meant for SCHOTT and its laboratories in the main facility in Mainz and Marienborn parting with the existing service provider GAZ and being accredited directly by the DAkkS for the first time. Any such changes are always accompanied by uncertainty, as new standards are set and the accreditors have different focal points or questions. Nonetheless, SCHOTT successfully passed its first accreditation by the DAkkS in form of a main audit on 1 June 2012 of this year.

This successful first accreditation by the federal authority went without any hitches or deficiency notices, which confirms the excellent state and work procedures of our laboratories.

SCHOTT is extremely proud of this result, as it is our goal to work, manufacture and deliver reliably and for the benefits of our customers. The next planned step is a service audit by the DAkkS in mid-2013.


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