Technical Documents - TIE's


Optical Glass & Filters

TIE-04: Test Report for Delivery Lots of Optical Glass-May 2016

TIE 04

TIE-19: Temperature coefficient of Refractive Index-July 2016

TIE 19

TIE-25: Striae in Optical Glass-June 2006

TIE 25

TIE-26: Homogeneity of Optical Glass-February 2016

TIE 26

TIE-27: Stress in Optical Glass-
October 2019

TIE 27

TIE-28: Bubbles and Inclusions in Optical Glass-May 2016

TIE 28

TIE-29: Refractive Index and Dispersion-February 2016

TIE 29

TIE-30: Chemical properties of Optical Glass-April 2019

TIE 30

TIE-31: Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Optical Glass-October 2018

TIE 31

TIE-32: Thermal Loads on Optical Glass-October 2018

TIE 32

TIE-33: Bending Strength of Optical Glass and ZERODUR®-January 2016

TIE 33

TIE-35: Transmittance of Optical Glass-January 2020

TIE 35

TIE-36: Fluorescence of Optical Glass-August 2010

TIE 36

TIE-40: Optical Glass for Precision Molding-September 2011

TIE 40

TIE-41: Large Optical Glass Blanks-September 2006

TIE 41

TIE-42: Radiation Resistant Optical Glasses-April 2018

TIE 42


TIE-43: Properties of ZERODUR® - July 2014

TIE 43

TIE-45: ZERODUR® adhesive bonding recommendations

TIE 45
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