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Structured glass portfolio: SCHOTT FLEXINITY® now more precise than ever before – available in mass production
SCHOTT, inventor of specialty glass and optical technology pioneer, has broadened its structured glass wafer portfolio FLEXINITY® for diverse industry applications. Tolerances are now below the ultra-tight 20 microns (± 10 micron threshold, enabling highly precise and accurate alignments with partner components. SCHOTT’s comprehensive product portfolio offers a broad range of thicknesses, from the ultra-thin 100µm to 3.3 mm. Wide formats of up to 600mm in width are also available. A new production line in Penang, Malaysia now operates on mass production scale. With FLEXINITY®‘s expanded structured glass product portfolio, SCHOTT can offer full services from product development up to mass production. More
Better Together: Partnership of Two Industry Leaders Provides Fast and Easy Access to Optical Filters
Two top brands, Edmund Optics® and SCHOTT, have expanded their collaboration to better serve customer needs. More
Sights set on the sun – DKIST delivers fascinating first images
The largest solar telescope in the world uses a mirror substrate made of the glass-ceramic ZERODUR® from SCHOTT

The first images from the Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope (DKIST) of the National Science Foundation (NSF) were published at the end of January. They show unprecedented details of the sun’s surface and offer a preview of the outstanding results that are expected from this 4-meter solar telescope. This imaging quality is made possible by a monolithic 4.26-meter mirror made of the glass-ceramic ZERODUR®. The huge mirror diameter and the extraordinary material properties make it possible to observe structures on the sun that are 25 kilometers in size, although the sun is almost 150 million kilometers away. This equates to observing a pea from a distance of 30 kilometers. The resolving power is thus 2.6 times higher than that of the largest solar telescope to date, the Big Bear Solar Observatory near Los Angeles, which also uses a primary mirror made of ZERODUR®.
SCHOTT and WaveOptics Enter Into Strategic Supply Partnership
WaveOptics, the leading designer and manufacturer of diffractive waveguides for Augmented Reality (AR) devices, has launched its new technology platform at the AR VR MR Expo at Photonics West 2020. The new WaveOptics technology platform features waveguides that are ultra-lightweight and offer a wide range of fields of view. This next generation WaveOptics platform will exclusively utilise SCHOTT’s RealView™ wafers, the industry’s most advanced high-index glass wafers proven in mass production enabling unsurpassed image quality for the 1.8RI substrate. This partnership marks the latest milestone in the development of a scalable ecosystem for the manufacturing of wearable AR devices. SCHOTT (booth 841) and WaveOptics (booth 8 in Demo Hall) will discuss their roadmap to consumer-AR at this years’ SPIE AR VR MR Expo and during SPIE Photonics West 2020 in San Francisco, Feb. 1-6. More
SCHOTT Executives Visit White House for Signing of USMCA
Executives from SCHOTT North America’s advanced optics facility in Duryea, Pa, were among manufacturing leaders that visited The White House to witness the signing of the United States Mexico Canada Agreement on trade (USMCA) on  January 29, 2020. More
SCHOTT launches static ceramic converters for superior luminance in the U.S.
New ceramic material is a strong enabler for compact laser light applications

The trend of the worldwide lighting solutions market is more and more focusing on laser light. These technologies promise manufacturers applications with superior performance in a smaller package, but also – thanks to innovative materials - to optimize performance and reliability of the light sources. Especially for laser-pumped phosphor light sources, experts from the international technology group SCHOTT have developed unique phosphor ceramic converter assemblies, which offer high irradiance and superior luminance. After its successful launch at the CIOE in China last year, SCHOTT will present an advanced static ceramic converters product line at the SPIE Photonics West in San Francisco, California, Feb. 4- 6, 2020. (South Hall, Booth #841) . Integrated on a heat spreader, they enable innovative, compact light sources without moving parts. During the SPIE Photonics West conference program, Dr. Volker Hagemann, Senior Application Manager Ceramic Converters at SCHOTT, will talk about the product and its impact on laser pumped phosphor light sources used in digital projection and specialty lighting.
SCHOTT, Inkron, EVG, and WaveOptics: Global AR leaders team up to enable next-gen waveguides at Photonics West
Prominent Augmented Reality (AR) companies join forces to accelerate the journey to consumer-grade AR wearable devices. SCHOTT, Inkron, EV Group (EVG), and WaveOptics present the world's first waveguides made on glass substrate with a refractive index of 1.9 and a matching nanostructured polymer – produced on a 300 mm wafer platform ready for mass production.

SCHOTT, a leading international technology group and the inventor of optical glass, now unveils SCHOTT RealView™ high-index glass wafers with a refractive index of 1.9 and a diameter of 300 mm. These wafers are the basis for high-volume next-generation AR waveguide manufacturing at lower cost per unit, while also maintaining the extremely high precision standards that AR demands. The nanotech company Inkron manufactures the resin that matches the refractive index of 1.9. The resin was used to imprint as many as 24 waveguides on a single 300 mm SCHOTT RealView™ 1.9 wafer using the fully integrated and volume-proven EVG HERCULES® NIL nanoimprint platform. This product combines the glass expertise of SCHOTT and the formulation and resin innovation of Inkron with the standard-setting nanoimprint lithography (NIL) capabilities of EVG by using a renowned waveguide architecture of WaveOptics, the leading optical design house for high-performance waveguides. All companies are united by their aspiration to shape the future of AR. SCHOTT (booth 841), Inkron (booth 5279) and WaveOptics (booth #8 in Demo Hall) will display their parts of the story at the upcoming Photonics West 2020 in San Francisco, Feb. 1-6.
SCHOTT drives autonomous mobility forward
Glass solutions play a key role in improving LiDAR sensors in self-driving cars

When it comes to autonomous driving, light detection and ranging (LiDAR) technologies are the foundation upon which a next-generation machine vision can be built. LiDAR sensors, together with radar and cameras, will be linked by artificial intelligence (AI) to enable the highest level of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS 5) and allow for full automation of all driving functions. However, none of the existing LiDAR technologies on the market today meet the performance and reliability requirements to support fully autonomous driving at a competitive price level. SCHOTT is prepared to propel autonomous driving into the future with the broadest range of high-quality glass components and hermetic packaging available to LiDAR manufacturers and suppliers at scale.
300-mm SCHOTT RealView™ high-index glass wafers with nanoimprints: SCHOTT and EV Group pave the way for Consumer grade AR/MR glasses
SCHOTT will exhibit the next landmark on the road to consumer grade AR/MR glasses in Hall 9 / Booth # 9E20 at China International Optoelectronic Exposition (CIOE), Shenzhen/China, from September 4-7. More
Static ceramic converters enable superior luminance - A new product line from SCHOTT can accelerate the breakthrough of new compact laser light applications
The lighting solutions market seek laser technologies for their superior performance in a smaller package, and manufacturers demand sophisticated materials to optimize performance and reliability. For laser-pumped phosphor light sources, SCHOTT experts have developed special phosphor ceramic converter components, which power high irradiance and superior luminance. The international technology group SCHOTT will launch its new static ceramic converters product line at the CIOE 2019 in Shenzen, China (September 4 – 7, 2019). Integrated on a heat spreader, they enable innovative, compact light sources without moving parts. More
Next generation of SCHOTT RealView™ high-index glass wafers enables further expansion of Field of View in Augmented and Mixed Reality
Manufacturers of Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) devices have a new solution to boost user experience by using the new generation of SCHOTT RealView high-index glass wafers with a refractive index of 1.9. Deeply immersive AR/MR applications are now possible, enabled by a wider Field of View (FoV) of up to 65 degrees. SCHOTT’s researchers achieved these remarkable advancements by designing a glass formulation meeting the unique demands of the industry. SCHOTT’s Augmented Reality team will be available for technical discussions at booth 1334 at Display Week 2019 in San Jose, California from May 14 to May 16. More
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