Suntanning Filters


Special uv filter glasses for tanning beds

SCHOTT Advanced Optics offers a broad range of different filter types for defined UV transmittance. A combination of clear and blue UV filter types enables us to offer customer-specific solutions.

NEW UG2A is available now

The UG2A glass is as a succession glass for M-UG 2 and can be ordered regularly.

The following glasses are discontinued and no longer suitable for new designs. However, these types of products can be sold on a regular basis as long as stock is available.

Blue filter glasses: M-UG-6, M-UG 2, UVISOL® 95
Clear filter glasses: type 316, Soladur, type 320, filter 322, filter 324, filter 326
Heat-reflecting glass: URO H9

The glasses KG3 and KG5 are suitable alternatives to the heat-reflecting glass URO H9.
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