High Homogeneity Glass

Product Information

Extremely high homogeneity for large precision optics

The superior quality of an optical material is reflected in its homogeneity and, to be even more specific, in an extremely narrow variation range for the entire piece of glass with respect to refractive index. Therefore, the optical glasses that are used in high-power laser and astronomical applications require extremely high homogeneity.

As part of its broad range of optical glasses, SCHOTT manufactures high-quality glasses up to the homogeneity level H5. In response to increased demand, SCHOTT now offers its customers short lead times for a wide range of preferred glasses up to level H4. Some of these glasses are also available as i-Line glasses that combine extremely high refractive index homogeneity and high UV transmittance at 365 nm.


  • Select high homogeneity glass (quality level H4) is available from stock on short notice
  • The maximum allowed refractive index variation is very tight: Peak to valley 2 x 10-6 for H4 glasses (1 x 10-6 for H5 glasses)
  • Extremely high resolution imaging
  • Products are supplied with individual test certificates
  • Homogeneity is measured using highly advanced interferometers
  • Optical glass specialists offer expert advice, world-class support and in-depth application know-how

Supply Forms

List of stock materials and maximum available dimensions:
Glass Type*
Supply Form*
Maximum Available Dimensions*
Homogeneity Level
F2 discs diameter: 290 mm
thickness: 100 mm
LF5 discs diameter: 220 mm
thickness: 45 mm
LLF1 discs diameter: 220 mm
thickness: 45 mm

blocks 400 mm x 400 mm x 70 mm H4
blocks 250 mm x 250 mm x 100 mm H4
N-FK5 discs diameter: 240 mm
thickness: 50 mm
N-FK51A discs diameter: 200 mm
thickness: 40 mm
N-KzFS11 discs diameter: 170mm
thickness: 40 mm
N-LaK22 discs diameter: 200 mm
thickness: 50 mm
SF5 blocks 150 mm x 150 mm x 60 mm H4
* As in the past, other types of glass, supply forms and dimensions are available upon request (the dimensions depend on the glass type). Please contact us.

Materials available only as customized cut banks.

Cut blanks measured in 2 directions available upon request.

Technical Information


SCHOTT offers highly homogeneous glasses in five levels. Thanks to a carefully controlled manufacturing process, glass pieces in H4 quality have a maximum peak to valley refractive index variation of 2 x 10-6, while the quality level H5 achieves a value of 1 x 10-6.

The maximum variation of refractive index is expressed in peak to valley values in accordance with ISO 12123.

Detailed information can be found in our optical glass pocket catalogue. If you have any further requests, please contact us.

Quality Assurance

SCHOTT is both ISO 9001 and 14001 certified and thus meets all of the demands made of a reliable partner. Our optical glass is subjected to stringent quality inspection before it is shipped. The production of optical glass is constantly monitored at all stages. Furthermore, extensive final inspections are also performed.

The Advanced Optics research laboratories in Mainz for the measurement of physical and chemical properties are accredited by the national accreditation body for the Federal Republic of Germany DAkkS on the basis of the ISO 17025:2005.
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