"HT" & "HTultra" Glass


Optical glasses with ultra-high transmittance

As part of its extensive portfolio of optical glasses, SCHOTT has been offering special glass variants that are known for their superior transmittance. These special glass types with significantly improved transmittance are identified with the suffix "HT" or "HTultra". They are especially suitable for digital projection and high-end optical systems.

Our current portfolio includes 13 "HT" and "HTultra" glasses, (e.g. N-BK7HT, N-SK2HT). Several of our glass types exhibit the best transmittance values available in the maket, including:
  • N-BAK4HT
  • N-LASF45HT
  • N-SF57HTultra
  • N-SF6HTultra
"HT" and "HTultra" glasses are provided as raw material, as pressings and in the form of finished components.
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