Optical Glass

More than 120 optical glass types

Represented in the Abbe-Diagram is our current glass portfolio.
Here you will be led to an interactive Abbe-Diagram, which gives an overview of all of our optical glass types. Please click on the symbol to the left to get detailed information on properties or downloadable datasheets. For more than 125 years, SCHOTT Advanced Optics has been offering a large portfolio of high-quality optical glasses to meet the needs of a variety of optical and industrial applications, ranging from consumer products to optical systems of research.

We aim to meet future market needs by providing new optical glasses for rapidly-growing innovations and utilizing new melting processes to ensure cost-effectiveness and efficiency. Our range of optical glasses includes:
  • Arsenic-free N-glasses
  • Glasses suitable for precision molding (low Tg glass)
  • Classical glass types with lead oxide as an essential component for outstanding optical properties.
  • High transmission glasses ("HT" or "HTultra") with superior transmission.

SCHOTT optical glasses are available in the form of raw glass, cut blanks, pressings as well as finished components.

Our latest list of preferred SCHOTT optical glass includes approximately 120 glass types which are classified into glass groups based upon similar chemical composition and are illustrated in a nd-vd diagram.

You can access an Abbe-Diagram in PDF format as well as an overview of all of our glass types ('Optical Glass - Overview' and 'Optical Glass - Overview (ZEMAX format)')in the downloads area
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