SCHOTT MIROGARD® DARO - fingerprints & dirt – now simply wipe them away!


At a Glance

Have you experienced this too? Annoying fingerprints and dirt can make paintings look unattractive, dim the enjoyment of art and they are extremely difficult to remove.

MIROGARD® DARO – Cleaning the easy way!
SCHOTT now has the answer: MIROGARD® DARO – a durable anti-reflective coating with oleophobic properties and thus the solution to fingerprints and dirt, which can now be wiped away quickly and easily using a damp, soft cloth. 

MIROGARD® DARO repels fingerprints and water
  • repels fingerprints and water
  • easy to clean with a damp soft cloth
  • anti-reflective coating with luminous reflectance < 1%
  • best possible color rendering index Ra = 100
  • can be combined with premium UV protection and splinter protection
  • long-term durability in resisting chemical and mechanical wear

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SCHOTT MIROGARD® DARO is unique due to ...
... Easy to clean ...
  • DARO is a durable anti-reflective coating with oleophobic properties
  • repels fingerprints and water
  • fingerprints and dirt can be wiped away quickly and easily using a damp, soft cloth

... Transparency ...
  • anti-reflective to the highest extent possible
  • up to less than 1% residual reflection in the visible spectrum (conventional float glass reflects approximately 8%)
  • highly transparent
  • up to 99% light transmission
... Quality ...
  • color rendering index up to Ra= 100
  • easy to clean

... Durability ...
  • highly resistant to abrasion
  • extremely stable
  • all product benefits have been tested and passed the following tests

Area of Applications

Art glazing for
  • museums
  • collections
  • galleries
  • traveling exhibitions

Technical Information

The difference between anti-reflective picture glazing and SCHOTT MIROGARD® DARO can be seen immediately. Thanks to this durable, anti-reflective coating with oleophobic properties, fingerprints and smudges on picture glazing don’t have a chance compared to an anti-reflective coating without DARO.
Specifications MIROGARD® DARO:
Glass thickness 2 – 4 mm
Available sizes 990 x 1,770 mm
Luminous reflectance < 1%
Light transmission 98%
Color rendering index Ra = 100
Combination with other properties possible

  Ordinary Glass (Float Glass) MIROGARD® MIROGARD® plus MIROGARD® protect MIROGARD® Protect Ultra MIROGARD® DARO
Reflectance ρvA % ~ 8% ~ 0.9% ~ 1.1% ~ 0.9% ~ 0.9% < 1%
Transmittance τvA % ~ 91% ~ 99% ~ 98% ~ 98% ~ 98% ~ 98%
Perceived color
limited outstanding, unaltered outstanding, unaltered outstanding, unaltered outstanding, unaltered outstanding, unaltered
Mechanical protection effect low low low medium to
medium to
low to
Splinter protection possible
Reduced visibility of fingerprints
UV Protection
(300 nm – 380 nm)
~ 44% ~ 48% ~ 82% ~ 99% ~ 99% min 48%
max 99% *
Glass thickness 2 mm - 8 mm 2 mm
3 mm
4 mm
2 mm
3 mm
4 mm
4.4 mm
6.4 mm
8.4 mm
2.95 mm min 2.0 mm

* UV protection value depends on MIROGARD® version that is coated with DARO.


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