Protection of people and property


At a glance

Fire resistant glass can now be used in the protection of people and property as attack resistant glazing, fulfilling the additional requirements of protection against impact, burglary and bullet penetration. SCHOTT has developed highly effective and compact, multifunctional laminates for these special applications.

Safety glass with multifunctional laminates from SCHOTT provide protection against mechanical attack. The special float glass types from SCHOTT resist attacks. In addition, SCHOTT PYRANOVA® secure provides an effective barrier against thermal radiation with its enclosed transparent fire resistant layers that intumesce in the event of fire.

Keep a clear view. With maximum safety and minimum weight.

Safety glass from SCHOTT for protecting people and property offers clear advantages in comparison with other glass composites:
  • Lower thickness
  • Lower weight
  • High transparency
  • Thermal resistance

Special glass types with especially high safety properties.

Windows, doors, etc. must meet the relevant safety requirements as complete building elements. Depending on the specific requirements, the resistance classes for building elements are classified as RC 2 to RC 6 (formerly WK 2 to WK 6). The standard EN 1627 lists the conditions for testing windows, door and shutters.

Impact resistance

Glazing is classified as impact resistant when it prevents the penetration of thrown or hurled objects. Impact resistance is classified according to EN 356 in the resistance classes P1A to P5A. The test methods simulate the impact of heavy projectiles by dropping 4.11 kg metal balls with a diameter of 10 cm in free fall. The sample is considered to have passed the test when no ball penetrates the glass.

Manual attack

Glazing is classified as burglary resistant, i.e. resistant to forced entry or exit, when it delays the creation of an opening in accordance with EN 356 and EN 1627. The basic classifications are specified as P6B, P7B and P8B. These glazings often use a combination of glass/polycarbonate rather than glass alone in order to minimize the weight. The testing procedure requires that a 2 kg axe be mechanically swung at the glazing. The number of hits necessary to create a 400 mm x 400 mm opening determines the resistance classification.

If a small puncture of the glass allows the opening of any building elements, (e.g. as in the case of doors with panic bars) both the building element and the glass must be checked for compliance with the appropriate standards.

The relevant safety requirements for bullet resistance classification applies to the whole building part or building element. Resistance classes, FB 1 to FB 7, are defined according to the specific requirements of EN 1522.

Bullet resistance

Glass is classified as bullet resistant (BR 1 to BR 7) when it stops the penetration of projectiles in accordance with EN 1063. The testing procedure requires that the test specimen be shot at 3 times with the appropriate weapon and calibre bullet. The test specimen must withstand the attack. The test not only determines the resistance class but also whether or not there has been splintering on the inner face.

Areas of application


Whether fitted in timber or steel structures, SCHOTT Technical Glass Solutions in cooperation with system partners develop doors with security glazing which are excellently suited and approved for sale.


Glazing with special float glass from SCHOTT is for facades is used to prevent critical situations of all kinds. In cooperation with system partners, SCHOTT Technical Glass Solutions GmbH develops designs with special glass types with outstanding safety properties, that have received international approvals and are ideally suited for use in facades.


Transparent fire rated partitions provide protection in case of fire and attack while at the same time allowing day light to flow freely from room to room. Landings to staircases are protected attractively yet effectively. Special glass types with outstanding safety properties in skylights elegantly combines functionality with aesthetics to allow natural lighting in interiors.

Product types

Technical data

Glastype Article number EN 356 EN 1063 Fire resistance class Thick-
ness in mm
Weight in kg/m2

Manual attack resistance - Standard products
NOVOLAY® secure P4A 2.4.2 P4A - E 60 10 23
NOVOLAY® secure P5A 3.13.10 P5A - - 11 23
NOVOLAY® secure P6B 2.2.2 P6B - - 15 27
NOVOLAY® secure P7B 2.9.3 P7B - - 18 33
NOVOLAY® secure P8B 1.9.3 P8B - - 18 32

Manual attack resistance -
Special products (suitable for panic doors RC 2 – RC 4)
NOVOLAY® secure P8B P2 1.5.10 P8B P2 - - 20 35
NOVOLAY® secure P8B PRC3 7.11.52) P8B PRC3 - - 34 58
NOVOLAY® secure P8B PRC4 7.12.0 P8B PRC4 - - 50 82

Fire protection & Manual attack resistance - Standard products
PYRANOVA® secure 30 P4A 5.4.2 P4A - EI 30 21 52
PYRANOVA® secure 30 P5A 5.10.2 P5A - EI 30 22 52
PYRANOVA® secure 30 P6B 1.1.6 P6B - EI 30 20 45
PYRANOVA® secure 30 P7B 1.2.6 P7B - EI 30 21 46
PYRANOVA® secure 30 P8B 1.3.1 P8B - EI 30 23 48

Fire protection & Manual attack resistance -
Special products (suitable for panic doors RC 2 + RC 3)
PYRANOVA® secure 30 P8B PRC2 1.9.7 P8B P2 - EI 30 27 52
PYRANOVA® secure 30 P8B P3 1.11.81) P8B P3 - EI 30 31 61
PYRANOVA® secure 30 P8B PRC3 1.8.22) P8B PRC3 - EI 30 35 65

Bullet resistance - Standard products
NOVOLAY® secure BR2NS 1.2.3   BR2NS - 17 32
NOVOLAY® secure BR2NS 1.4.5   BR2NS EW 30/
E 60
24 52
NOVOLAY® secure BR4NS 15.3.0   BR4NS - 20 41
NOVOLAY® secure BR4NS 1.5.4 P8B BR4NS - 44 96
NOVOLAY® secure BR6NS 1.3.3 P8B BR6NS - 40 80
NOVOLAY® secure BR6NS 1.5.7 P8B BR6NS EI 30 /
EW 60
63 137
NOVOLAY® secure BR7NS 1.1.2 P8B PRC3 BR7NS EI 45 /
EW 60
74 162
ISO NOVOLAY® secure BR4NS 1.6.5   BR4NS - 50 93
ISO NOVOLAY® secure BR4NS 1.6.6   BR4NS - 60 94

Fire protection & Bullet resistance - Standard products
PYRANOVA® secure 30 BR2NS 2.1.1   BR2NS EI 30 19 42
PYRANOVA® secure 30 BR2NS 10.0.12   BR2NS EI 30 34 75
PYRANOVA® secure 30 BR4NS 1.1.9 P8B BR4NS EI 30 28 61
PYRANOVA® secure 30 BR4NS 10.0.10 P8B BR4NS EI 45 /
EW 60
56 124
PYRANOVA® secure 30 BR4NS 9.0.113) P8B BR4NS EI 45 /
EW 60
52 114
NOVOLAY® secure BR6NS 1.5.7 P8B BR6NS EI 30 /
EW 60
63 137
NOVOLAY® secure BR7NS 1.1.2 P8B BR7NS EI 45 /
EW 60
74 162
1) suitable for panic doors WK 3
2) suitable for panicsdoors RC 3
3) only for indoor applications


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