So inconspicuous and yet so diverse - SCHOTT CONTURAN® for transportation and traffic

Diverse selection of innovative cover glasses

To make public transport a smooth and pleasant experience around the clock, a wide range of information is provided by a multitude of outdoor displays, passenger information systems and general digital signage.

Special glass is required so that the information can always be easily read on these displays in public spaces, in all weathers and under different lighting conditions, i.e. without disturbing reflections.

From the variety of glass substrates, processing and finishing options for modern display cover glazing, we have developed SCHOTT CONTURAN®, our technical glass that provides comprehensive protection - against heat, cold, scratches, aggressive cleaning agents, ultraviolet light and infrared radiation - for a variety of different applications, while remaining practically invisible.

Join us on a journey through the world of anti-reflective cover glasses

Glass production: float glass process
SCHOTT CONTURAN® for Transportation

SCHOTT CONTURAN® - All rounder for your technical glass requirements

Scoreboards at railway stations are sometimes exposed to extreme weather and temperature conditions. Anti-reflective cover glasses offer a wide range of protection and an undisturbed view of the information:
  • highest light transmission, excellent visibility and best readability even in bright light
  • chemically resistant surface for all weathers
  • versions also available in different security levels
  • additional UV and IR protection to prevent display damage

The product family for all your needs at a glance

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