Perfect lighting creates perfect atmosphere.

German Innovation Award Gold 2018

HelioJet® Spectrum: Gold Winner of the German Innovation Award 2018

Out of over 650 entries the German Design Council selected HelioJet® SpectrumCC in the category “Excellence in Business to Business (B2B)”, section “Lighting Solutions”, for the German Innovation Award 2018 in Gold.

“HelioJet® SpectrumCC, which was specially developed for aircraft cabins, provides maximum homogenous lighting and color stability for a broad range of lighting scenarios, including exact brand colors. This groundbreaking system also uses considerably fewer LEDs, thus cutting costs” says the laudation.
Providing the best possible light to set the stage in aircraft cabins is both science and art. SCHOTT Aviation cultivates both disciplines for decades and knows how to transport light for the sake of comfort and safety.
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Exhibition AIX Aircraft Interior Exposition, Hamburg, Germany, 03-31 to 04-02-2020
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