LiDAR systems inspired by BOROFLOAT®

In touch with the future

The reliable and consistent quality of BOROFLOAT®, coupled with an outstanding versatility to address the demands of even the most sophisticated applications, make BOROFLOAT® a perfect specialty glass solution also for LiDAR systems. It combines superior quality and excellent flatness with outstanding thermal, optical, chemical and mechanical features.
BOROFLOAT® – The sum of its properties is what makes it unique!
3 components of a traditional LiDAR unit could be made of BOROFLOAT® borosilicate glass

Crystal clear benefits of BOROFLOAT®

Entrance window

  • Exceptionally high transparency
  • High chemical durability
  • Outstanding thermal resistance/ stability
    • Low thermal expansion even in lowest temperature ranges
  • Excellent mechanical strength
    • Strong resistance to abrasion and scratches

Mirror (Beamsplitter)

  • Very good temperature stability
  • Excellent resistance to thermal shock


  • Significantly increased transparency for colorless visual appearance
  • Low color shift in VIS -Transmission
  • Low Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion (C.T.E. 3.25 10-6 K-1)
  • Excellent flatness due to unique Microfloat process
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