BOROFLOAT Sight glass

Safe viewing of critical processes

Sight glasses are used throughout many industries like oil and gas production or food and chemical processing as they allow to directly peer into pipes and boilers even under extreme conditions. BOROFLOAT® 33 borosilicate glass performs exceptionally well in these areas.

Oil prices have fallen worldwide, primarily due to a significant rise in oil and natural gas production in the United States – which at times increased by more than 50 percent between 2010 and 2014. This growing output makes it all the more important to sustain the greatest possible efficiency and safety in industrial engineering. Electronic sensors are increasingly being used to monitor and guide processes, however quick discovery and assessment of deviations still need the direct supervision of a well-trained expert looking at the flow of materials in conveyance systems, pipes, and reservoirs.


SCHOTT builds on rapid growth in Chinese specialty glass market by further strengthening local BOROFLOAT® sales presence

Top German engineering and a commitment to the highest quality manufacturing standards make SCHOTT’s floated borosilicate glass an invaluable material in China’s high tech industries

Jena (Germany) & Shenzhen (China), September 2, 2014 – The international technology group SCHOTT has increased its sales activities for its BOROFLOAT® specialty glass in the Chinese market by teaming up with two local companies as preferred partners: GOUS Optics and Greenrays. SCHOTT produces its floated borosilicate glass in Germany, applying the typical high quality standards that characterize German engineering and manufacturing. It is the sum of the product properties that makes this floated borosilicate glass unique: it simultaneously offers outstanding thermal resistance, exceptionally high transparency, high chemical durability and excellent mechanical strength. SCHOTT is presenting its BOROFLOAT® specialty glass at CIOE trade show in Shenzhen from September 2 to 5 (SCHOTT booth # 9D29).
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