Glass: The new high tech material

BOROFLOAT® – When inspiration meets quality, the industry achieves milestones

A revolution is on the horizon: Cars of the future will contain more glass parts than you may think – the Hamburg company Schröder Spezialglas conquers new fields with special technical glass.
The display screen, the touchscreen GPS and the panoramic sunroof all have one thing in common - they are made of glass. But when it comes to building cars, glass isn’t just important in the obvious areas, but also where most would probably least expect it – ‘under the hood’: It helps regulate the engine’s fuel injection pump, monitor tire pressure and activate ABS and the airbag at the right time. After all, the acceleration and pressure sensors controlling these processes, so-called MEMS sensors (micro-electro-mechanical systems), are made from silicon and glass. A type of glass needs to be used that can withstand the extreme temperature fluctuations and mechanical stress in the engine compartment: Solution BOROFLOAT®.
In autonomous cars of the future, glass will help guarantee higher safety. Is the road ahead clear? Is a pedestrian crossing the street? How far away is the next car in front? Lidar systems continuously scan the surroundings at 360 degrees to answer these questions, putting high demands on the glass being used. The extreme optical purity, high durability and permeability of near infrared rays makes BOROFLOAT® predestined for these types of systems.
BOROFLOAT® is the perfect material whenever shape accuracy, compatibility with semiconductors and high transparency are key.

BOROFLOAT® – The sum of its properties is what makes it unique for automotive industry

  • Exeptionally high transparency
  • Outstanding thermal resistance
  • Excellent mechanical strength
  • Expansion coefficient matched for semiconductor
  • Good dielectric properties
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