German Glass Conquers China

BOROFLOAT® – When inspiration meets quality, research achieves milestones

Swiss company SwissNeutronics supplies a research institute near Hong Kong with important components – made from the special float glass BOROFLOAT® by SCHOTT.
Building neutron guides requires extreme precision. After all, the BOROFLOAT® supermirror coating only reflects neutrons at very low angles. If a wall is slanted or not smooth enough, the neutrons will penetrate the material, which must be avoided. SwissNeutronics coats the glass with up to 10,000 nano-thin layers. This is where BOROFLOAT® provides the best extremely flat surface.
In addition to the extremely low roughness, the even thickness and high homogeneity are properties that predestine BOROFLOAT® for high-tech applications. Add to this the high chemical and thermal resistance and high mechanical strength: even abrupt temperature fluctuations do not affect the glass, it stays true to size even after many work steps. The high boron ratio, that has a shielding effect, is also extremely important, especially for building neutron guides; it practically ‘catches’ neutrons. The low net weight makes BOROFLOAT® excellent to use.
The microfloat process, a special manufacturing method, is key for the unique properties of BOROFLOAT®. The glass ribbon floats on top of a bath of molten tin to then cool down. This patented process guarantees the perfect homogeneity, the extreme flatness and the mirror-like surface of the special float glass by SCHOTT. The high optical quality of BOROFLOAT® comes from a special, ‘secret recipe‘ and is still unrivalled in the field of flat glass.

BOROFLOAT® – The sum of its properties is what makes it unique for neutron guides

  • Outstanding flatness
  • Extremely low roughness
  • Highly resistant against neutron radiation
  • Consistently accurate thickness
  • High chemical durability
  • Outstanding thermal resistance
  • Excellent mechanical strength
Exhibitions & Events
Exhibition SPIE Photonics West (Business Units Advanced Optics, Lighting & Imaging, Home Tech), San Francisco, CA, USA, 02-05 to 02-07-2019
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