The SCHOTT PTR®70 Receiver Platform

SCHOTT Solar CSP – Your partner for sustainable profitability

The receiver, being the key component of a CSP plant, has a decisive influence on the overall efficiency of the plant and has to withstand drastic temperature changes and mechanical stresses throughout its lifetime. The SCHOTT PTR®70 Receiver responds to this challenges: high solar absorptance, low thermal losses and a durable vacuum body.

SCHOTT PTR®70 4th Generation: three receiver products – one technology base

SCHOTT introduces the 4th generation of receivers which collects the experience of more than 1 Million receivers installed in over 50 CSP projects worldwide. The 4th generation receiver products are built upon a common technology platform. With the base product SCHOTT PTR®70, the platform already provides best-in-class optical and thermal performance. SCHOTT PTR®70 Premium Receivers include an integrated noble gas capsule to facilitate sustainable profitability far beyond 25 years of operation. The SCHOTT PTR®70 Advance Receiver paves the way to the next technology leap in CSP: Molten Salts as heat transfer fluid operating at temperatures up to 550°C.
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