SCHOTT started activities in the CSP industry in 1983, providing the glass tube envelopes for the first commercial CSP power plants in the US. In 2001 SCHOTT decided to develop an own receiver. This initiative was taken mainly due to an upcoming CSP market in the US and Spain as well as strong customer requests for a viable and sustainable technical solution. In 2005, the company received a first order for the 72 MW CSP plant “Nevada Solar One” in Boulder City, Nevada, US. Since then, SCHOTT Solar CSP has succesfully delivered SCHOTT Receivers to commercial power plants all over the world.

Key data of reference projects Nevada Solar One and Andasol I:

Nevada Solar One, USA

Installed output: 72 MW
Start of operation: June 2007
Location: Boulder City, Nevada, USA
Size: 1.4 million square meters (15.0 million square feet) and as large as 212 soccer fields


Andasol I, Spain

The Andasol solar power station, located in Andalusia, southern Spain, is Europe's first parabolic trough solar power plant. The site of the facility is on the plateau Guadix in the province of Granada and consists of three power plants: Andasol 1, 2 and 3.
Installed output: 50 MW
Start of operation: Winter 2008
Location: Guadix (Granada) Plateau, Spain
Size: 2 million square meters (21.5 million square feet)
Thermal storage:    7.5 h full load with molten salts

Further examples of CSP power plants supplied with SCHOTT Receivers:

CSP project
Plant capacity (MW)
Andasol 1 (AS-1)  Spain 50
Andasol 2 (AS-2) Spain 50
Andasol 3 (AS-3) Spain 50
Bokpoort South Africa 50
Enerstar (Villena) Spain 50
Extresol-1 (EX-1) Spain 50
Godawari Solar Project India 50
Guzmán Spain 50
Helioenergy 1 Spain 50
Helioenergy 2 Spain 50
Helios I Spain 50
Helios II Spain 50
Ibersol Ciudad Real (Puertollano) Spain 50
ISCC Ain Beni Mathar Morocco 20
ISCC Hassi R'mel Algeria 25
ISCC Kuraymat Egypt 20
KaXu Solar One South Africa 100
La Africana Spain 50
La Dehesa Spain 50
La Florida Spain 50
Manchasol-1 Spain 50
Mojave Solar Project USA 250
Nevada Solar One USA 72
NOOR I Morocco 160
Palma del Rio I Spain 50
Palma del Rio II Spain 50
Saguaro Power Plant USA 1
Shams 1 UAE 100
Solaben 1 Spain 50
Solaben 2 Spain 50
Solaben 3 Spain 50
Solaben 6 Spain 50
Solacor 1 Spain 50
Solacor 2 Spain 50
Solana USA 280
Solnova 1 Spain 50
Solnova 3 Spain 50
Solnova 4 Spain 50
Thai Solar Energy 1 Thailand 5
Valle 1 Spain 50
Valle 2 Spain 50

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