SCHOTT Solar Glass Technology & Solar Receivers

Solar Glass Technologies

Saving energy with alternative solar glass technologies

Glasses and components from SCHOTT Solar, including solar receivers for solar thermal power plants that are to be used in the future as the core technology in the Desertec project, are designed to generate alternative energy. This gigantic project calls for large-scale solar thermal power plants to be built in the desert regions of Africa and Arabia that will also supply Europe with power. Solar receivers and other solar glass technology from SCHOTT Solar represent the core technology of this project.
Special emphasis was placed on using ecological components when the SCHOTT headquarters building was modernized and expanded in 2009. For instance, the flat roof made of glass consists of 300 square meters of ASI® THRU thin-film solar modules from SCHOTT Solar. These solar module panels allow incident daylight to shine through, yet prevent thermal overheating from occurring as a result of direct sunlight and even cover the electrical power needs for many of the workplaces.

This innovative climate control system also includes a self-regulating cooling system on top of the floor convectors in the atrium which are fed with groundwater. In addition, solar glass technology such as natural ventilation via inlet and exhaust air louver dampers ensures healthy workplaces and individually adjustable thermostats.
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