World Records in Glass

SCHOTT Sets World Records in Glass…
The Thinnest Flat Glass

is made by SCHOTT and has a minimum thickness of only 0.025 mm. It has applications in medical technology and electronics.

The World’s Largest Glass Hourglass

was produced in Mainz, Germany and is composed of DURAN® borosilicate glass from SCHOTT.  The hourglass stands in Nima Park (Japan) with a diameter of more than 3 feet and is more than 16 feet high.

The World’s Largest Wine Bottle

world records glass
is 9 feet high, has a diameter of 31 inches and an encasing capacity of 1,200 liters. SCHOTT produced the over-sized bottle in Mainz of DURAN® borosilicate glass for the French city of Rueil-Malmaison.

The Largest Pane of Glass in the World

space glass
is an 8-meter mirror made by SCHOTT. Large astronomical observatories use it to research the universe. Glass-ceramic mirror substrates manufactured by SCHOTT are an integral part of the earth’s most productive telescopes.

The First Space Glass to Leave Our Solar System,

was glass from SCHOTT. It is to be found in the optical systems of the Pioneer and Voyager space probes.

The Largest Glass Marmalade Jar

is 5 feet high, weighs 215 lbs and is composed of ¼-inch thick borosilicate glass. Manufactured by SCHOTT in Mainz, this jam jar, which has a capacity of more than 2,300 lbs, now stands in Bad Schwartau.
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