Glass Melting Services

Services for the Glass Industry

Service Offerings

1. Turn-Key Projects for Hot End, Melting Devices and Components

Different melting tanks:
  • Air-Fuel (regenerative, recuperative) tanks with/without electrical boosting
  • Oxy-Fuel tanks with/without electrical boosting
  • Full electrical tanks
    Components and Systems:

  • Annealing Lehrs, Waste Gas Systems
  • Electrodes/Electrode Holders (Mo, Wo, Pt-Alloys)
  • Thermocouples
  • Bubblers/Bubbler Systems
  • Heating Systems (fossil / electrical)
  • Bottom Drain Systems
  • Forehearth Systems
  • Components made of Precious Metals (e.g. Stirrers, Electrodes, Forehearth Systems, Feeder, Orifice Rings)
  • Components made of available Refractory Materials
  • Cooling Systems (Air, Water)
  • Batch Charging Systems
  • Measuring Systems for Hot Ends (e.g. Glass Level Detectors, pO2-Sensors, Furnace Periscopes, Online-Measuring Systems for Waste Gas , Data Loggers and Integration into PLC)

2. Concept, Layout and Optimization of Melting Devices and Components


  • Mathematical Simulation of Melting Devices, Forehearth Systems, Stirrers, Hot Forming Processes and Annealing Lehrs
  • Physical Modeling of Stirrer Systems
  • Optimized Energy Efficiency by Energy Balance
  • Tools for Process Data visualization and analysis; control concepts based on modeling
3. Project Management for Melting Projects

  • Procurement
  • Construction
  • Start up, Ramp up

4. Services

  • Hot Service on running Systems with skilled Staff (bricklayers, steel workers, thermic process engineers, electricians), e.g. changing of components, crown repairs, plating
  • Start up and stopping of Melting Devices
  • Troubleshooting on running Melting Systems by experienced process engineers
  • Optimization of Waste Gas Systems (e.g. conformity with regulations)
  • Characterization of waste gas emissions by measurement with mobile equipment
  • Glass defect analysis (solid and gaseous)
  • Characterization of ceramic and metallic refractory materials with/without impact of glass melt
  • Consulting on the melting technology

5. Miscellaneous

  • Recycling of Precious Metal Parts: "New for Used"
  • Production of special refractory materials for Melting Devices, Forehearth, expendables for Feeders, Tweels and other components made of Quarzal® (fused Silica)
  • Production of samples or small lots made of special glass or glass-ceramics (SCHOTT Glass Types or synthesis, depending on the needs of the customer)

Ron Klimek
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