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SCHOTT Fiber Optics, Inc. became a member of the SCHOTT group in 1986. The company has over 40 years of experience in designing, manufacturing, marketing and selling fiber optic products. SFO's products are custom-produced to application requirements for medical, dental, industrial, commercial, military, and scientific imaging applications. The company has been recognized for its innovation and customer orientation. SFO has received Martin Marietta's Supplier in Excellence, Total Quality Management Award; ITT's Quality Supplier Award; and it's ISO 9001 Registration.
Products Applications
Flexible wound fiber bundles image transfer to or from one or more remote locations.
Flexible leached fiber bundles Medical endoscopes, industrial fiber scopes, machine vision.
Rigid clad rod Light transmission to remote locations.
Rigid image conduit Rugged and distortion free image transfer.
Capillary arrays Used in high throughput screening for drug discovery.
Lighting and Imaging
Markets Served: medical, dental, scientific, research, industrial, manufacturing, surveillance, datacomm
Products Applications
Fused fiber optic tapers Image minification and magnification, CCD and image intensifier coupling, medical and dental radiography, video imaging and advanced imaging applications
Fused fiber optic faceplates, fused fiber optic image inverters High resolution image transfer in CCD coupling, CRT/LCD displays, image intensification, remote viewing, field flattening and x-ray imaging; input (cathode) and output (anode) for image intensification.
Fused fiber optic rods Rigid fiber optic illumination applications, dental light curing, epoxy curing, custom applications.
Fused fiber optic cones To accommodate diametrical variances between system components for light transfer.
Lighting and Imaging
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