Employer Awards

SCHOTT has already won several awards in recent years as an employer. We are pleased about this encouragement and continue to work on the optimization of our concepts to convince as an employer also in the upcoming years.
Attractive Employer
SCHOTT has been awarded „Germany’s 100 – Top Employers“ and „Europe’s 500 – Top Employers"

In 2012 the "trendence Graduate Barometer" again ranked SCHOTT as an attractive employer since the company took part for the first time in 2008 because of a lot of interviewees mentioning SCHOTT in the Graduate Barometer 2007.

The Berlin based consulting company trendence carries through the Graduate Barometer and is the largest study in this vein in Germany. It is published for business, engineering, law and IT, of which SCHOTT takes part in the first two sections. For 2012, 26.500 business and engineering students from 130 German universities, who are close to graduation, were interviewed about their favourite potential employers and their expectations as regards their career entry. SCHOTT was ranked number 80 in the engineering barometer.

Likewise trendence conducts a European Graduate Barometer. For this year about 350.000 students, who are close to graduation and come from over 900 universities in different European countries, were interviewed concerning their favourite employer, to get information in respect of their expectations and decision behaviour concerning their favourite employer and their career in Europe. SCHOTT was again ranked as one of “Europe’s 500 – Top Employers”.

More information can be found at the trendece website.
Popular Employer
Auszeichnung_UniversumSCHOTT is a popular employer

SCHOTT is ranked as one of the favorite employers among German students and professionals.

Universum, an internationally renowned consulting agency, published rankings that show where students prefer to start their careers after graduation. Approximately 45,000 German students participated in the student study 2016. The Universum study asked which company students would like to work at after they have completed their bachelor or their master studies. The companies most favored by students ranked highest in the list.
In the discipline of Natural Sciences SCHOTT was ranked as 74th of the Top 100 most attractive employers in Germany.

Between October 2014 and April 2015, Universum also asked 7.810 young professionals with one to eight years of practical experience about their favorite employer. In this category SCHOTT was elected into the Top 100 again. Engineers voted SCHOTT into 94th place. In Natural Sciences SCHOTT was ranked 62nd.

As important criteria the participants mentioned excellent work climate, appreciation and a good work-life-balance.

For more information about the study please click here: http://www.universumglobal.com/IDEAL-Employer-Rankings
Recommended Company
The employer rating platform "kununu" rewards SCHOTT with a Top Company seal

Kununu is the largest and most well-known employer rating platform in German-speaking countries. The word “Kununu” comes from the Swahili word for “blank page”. The website has been operating since 2007 and allows employees, apprentices, interns, and previous employees to anonymously evaluate the company based on certain criteria. Potential job applicants and those who are interested can get exclusive information from those working at the company regarding the specific criteria. The platform receives 1 million views monthly and altogether around 45,000 companies have been rated. The assessment criteria for the anonymous participants includes:

•Work environment
•Promotion prospects
•Supervisor behaviour
•Colleague relationships
•Interesting assignments
•Working conditions
•Association with colleagues 45+
•Career development/further training
•Salary and benefits
•Environment/social consciousness
•Employee benefits

With an overall evaluation of 3.27 out of 5 points, SCHOTT AG belongs to the top 10% of best ranked companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and received the Top Company quality seal from Kununu.

SCHOTT employees value the mood among colleagues, the professional training and development opportunities, the flexible working hours, and the wide-ranging product portfolio as special characteristics of their employer. You can gladly view SCHOTT’s rankings using the following link. We would be pleased to receive additional ratings for SCHOTT on kununu! http://www.kununu.com/de/all/de/ew/schott
Fair Company
SCHOTT has been awarded “FAIR Company“

Fair prospects and fair internships for university students unfortunately can not be taken for granted these days - but SCHOTT makes a difference! As one of 1000 companies SCHOTT supports the initiative “FAIR Company” founded by “Junge Karriere” (www.karriere.de). Within the framework of “FAIR company” SCHOTT commited itself to stick to the following five rules:

•Full-time jobs are not substituted for internships!
•Graduates, who apply for a vacancy, are not offered an internship.
•Graduates are not employed as interns by exploiting their hopes of a regular employment.
•Internships are meant to have only the purpose of professional orientation during studies.
•Interns should be paid appropriate.

For more information, please consult www.faircompany.de
Top Internship
Interns elect SCHOTT among the best 25 employers

The award „Star Company 2014“ is based on the result of the study “Praktikantenspiegel” which is, since 2010, yearly carried out by the business consultancy CLEVIS and ABSOLVENTA Jobnet. Subject of the survey are the quality of the internship and the brand image of greater international companies based in Germany.

The survey only affected interns who did an internship within the last 24 months so that the way of looking at the company is contemporary and authentic. For a company interns are a very valuable source of information because they are a potential part of the future employees.

Altogether 4.291 interns weighted 966 companies on the basis of the following criteria:
- Definition of tasks
- Work environment
- Corporate culture
- Payment
- Learning
- Brand image of the company
- Individual attitude towards the brand

The evaluation occurred on the basis of an Employer Matrix with two dimensions – the employer quality and the brand image. This differentiated evaluation method of the employer’s attractiveness allowed to position the companies in four different areas:
- The “Star” distinguishes itself by a positive brand image, a high employer quality and a far-reaching advantage in recruiting high potentials.
- The “Hidden Champion” offers superior working conditions but seems to be not able to communicate them effectively outwards.
- The “Pretender” appears attractive to potential emerging talents though it’s strong image but is not able to measure up high expectations because of its actual working conditions.
- The “Challenger” only has a low brand image which is confirmed, by an internal view, in a low employer quality.

Among 966 companies SHOTT received 25th place and was positioned in the area of the “Stars”. Thereby SCHOTT stands out due to the best combination of employer quality and brand image and a very good quality of its program for interns and its engagement for a qualifying education of talents.

The award “Star Company 2014” was lend out on the interns day on December 2nd in Berlin.
Workplace Health Program
SCHOTT signs “The Luxembourg Declaration on Workplace Health Promotion in the European Union”

By signing the Workplace Health Promotion (WHP),SCHOTT emphasizes again how important the topic workplace health is for the company. WHP is a voluntary commitment of SCHOTT to combine efforts of employer and employees to improve the health and well-being of people at work. This can be achieved through a combination of improving the work arrangements and the working environment, promoting active participation as well as encouraging personal development.

Through the program “Bleib gesund! Du bist mir wichtig!” (“Stay healthy! You are important to me!”) SCHOTT pursues a workplace health program, which is systematically integrated into corporate processes. Besides an established occupational health care and a well organised emergency care, the program offers also general precaution treatments and early diagnosis examinations as well as advice and classes on health topics. All employees, who have a leadership role, are informed and involved in the training sessions called “Führung und Gesundheit” (“Leadership and Health”). The workplace health program is supported by a program aiming at reducing accidents and is called “Null Unfälle. Du bist mir wichtig.” (“Zero Accidents! You are important to me!”).

For more information, please consult http://www.enwhp.org/fileadmin/rs-dokumente/dateien/Luxembourg_Declaration.pdf
Family Friendly Company
New child care places for children of SCHOTT employees

SCHOTT establishes new child care places for employee children to enable through the adaptation of child care and working time schedules the reconcilability of family and career. In the frame of this goal SCHOTT participates in the program "Success-factor Family" by the German Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, which supports SCHOTT in the establishment of additional child care places for children under the age of three.

So equal opportunities for mothers and fathers are ensured and the dedication of SCHOTT for a better reconcilability of family and career in Germany is confirmed. A family-friendly corporate management is not only an expression of corporate responsibility but also a foundation of economic success. We are convinced that establishing a family-friendly work environment is a central task for the future and try to demonstrate this through our manifold offers for our employees.
Job and Family
SCHOTT has been awarded for its family-friendly human resource management

SCHOTT has been recertified with the berufundfamilie® (engl. Job and family) quality label on March 15th, 2014. Thereby SCHOTT was certified a sustainable family-friendly human resource management. Since the foundation of SCHOTT the reconcilability of family and career has been part of the corporate culture. It is a declared goal to create family-friendly company structures and demonstrate these to the inside as well as to the outside. Employees should not be forced to choose between family and career but the reconcilability should be a priority of the company.

The audit berufundfamilie® of the charitable Hertie-trust is a continuous process. Based on the audit goals and actions for the next three years are set up. These concern the topics stated below:

•Working schedules (e.g. sabbaticals)      
•Work organisation (e.g. ensuring high-quality standards in health management)
•Information and communication policy (e.g. improvement of internal and external communication)
•Leadership skills (e.g. support and sensitization of managers regarding the implementation of a family-conscious personnel policy)
•Human resource development (e.g. human resource development plan)
•Services for families (e.g. support of employees with family members in need of care, assessment of demand for child care in case of an emergency in Mainz)

The audit enabled SCHOTT to develop custom-fit solutions which satisfy the needs of its employees as well as account for a human resource management that fulfils the needs of the company.

The targeted approach of the preassigned steps is checked by berufundfamilie® every one and a half year. After three years of implementation a re-audit takes place, where results are examined by an auditor.

After the certification in 2007, the SCHOTT AG Mainz consolidated with Jena and Landshut. Collectively, the three SCHOTT sites are authorized to use the Europe-wide trademarked seal on publications, printings and job advertisements.
Exhibitions & Events
Exhibition Schott at Vincennes University, Vincennes, Indiana, USA, 10-18
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