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01-31-2018, Louisville, KY, USA

SCHOTT PYRAN® Platinum, the most innovative fire-rated glass-ceramic in the industry, is now the largest fire-rated glass-ceramic panel on the market

PYRAN® Platinum, the world’s first and only floated glass-ceramic developed specifically for architectural applications, is now available in 51-inch by 99-inch sheets. The new size makes it the largest fire-rated glass-ceramic panel available in the world, marking a new milestone in the glass-ceramic industry.
SCHOTT PYRAN® Platinum, new 51” x 99” sheet size lets you realize projects that were previously impossible. Photo: SCHOTT
SCHOTT PYRAN® Platinum, new 51” x 99” sheet size lets you realize projects that were previously impossible. Photo: SCHOTT
Louisville, KY, Jan. 31, 2018 - The only floated fire-rated glass-ceramic for architectural applications is now the industry’s largest. SCHOTT, the international technology group, enables bigger and better fire-rated architectural glass applications through the release of PYRAN® Platinum in 51-inch by 99-inch panels.

Through high-quality German engineering and unique Microfloat manufacturing process, PYRAN® Platinum offers a mirror-like surface quality unmatched by any other fire-rated glass-ceramic on the market. Other processing methods, like rolled glass-ceramic typically requires polishing to remove distortions. The innovative process behind PYRAN® Plantinum’s manufacturing eliminates the amber tint, typically found in other fire-rated glass-ceramics. The glass-ceramic offers a true color rendition, allowing more blue-green light to pass through and present a more natural appearance.

“Thanks to the substantial efforts of our product development team, PYRAN® Platinum’s larger size and overall quality will provide more installation opportunities for fire-rated glass,” said Dan Poling, FRG Sales Manager at SCHOTT. “Architects can now design spaces that project a feeling of openness with stunningly transparent door lites, side lites and transoms for effective daylighting, maximizing visual comfort and potentially reducing energy use.”

The larger sheet size expands architectural possibilities without compromising PYRAN® Platinum’s safety and environmental credentials. The fire-rated glass-ceramic is able to withstand the fire endurance test, in which it is subjected to temperatures of up to 1,900 degrees Fahrenheit for 90 minutes (180 minutes for door glass). Immediately, following the fire endurance test, PYRAN® Platinum undergoes the hose stream test, where the fire-exposed side is hit with a blast of water from a fire hose at 30 psi. The glazing must remain intact, without breaking or cracking. PYRAN® Platinum, with its high temperature and thermal shock resistance, passes with flying colors. PYRAN® Platinum is also environmentally friendly, produced without hazardous heavy metals antimony or arsenic, which are normally used as refining agents.

PYRAN® Platinum is available in three formats, all certified by Underwriters Laboratories and passes positive pressure test standards UL 10C. The monolithic glass-ceramic, available in 3/16-inch sheets, is intended for use in non-impact, safety-rated locations such as transoms and windows with fire-rating requirements up to 90 minutes. PYRAN® Platinum F, also available in 3/16-inch sheets, has a surface applied safety film. And PYRAN® Platinum L, available in thicknesses of approximately 3/8-inches, is a laminated safety glass. Both are for use in safety-rated locations such as door lites, transoms or side lites, and windows with fire-rating requirements up to 90 minutes (up to 180 minutes in doors).

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SCHOTT PYRAN® Platinum – The most innovative fire-rated glass-ceramic in the industry is now also the largest. Photo: SCHOTT
SCHOTT PYRAN® Platinum – The most innovative fire-rated glass-ceramic in the industry is now also the largest. Photo: SCHOTT
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