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05-14-2014, ELMSFORD, N.Y.

SCHOTT N-FK58: New optical glass with extremely low dispersion and outstanding processing properties

Various glasses with low dispersion in refractive index level 0.5 now available
With its optical glass called N-FK58 XLD (XLD = extremely low dispersion), the international technology group SCHOTT has now launched a high-quality type of glass that offers extremely low dispersion and excellent processing characteristics. This glass is intended for use in the high-quality lenses of single-lens reflex cameras in which apochromatic color aberration correction is a mandatory feature. N-FK58 offers particularly high performance in combination with anomalous dispersion glasses such as the short flint glasses SCHOTT supplies. The company, which specializes in specialty glass, offers a wide variety of optical glasses with low dispersion in the refractive index level 0.5. SCHOTT will be exhibiting its optical glass products at OPTATEC, the international trade exhibition on optical technologies, components and systems, in Frankfurt/Main from May 20 – 22, 2014 (Booth 3.0/D12).
The optical glass N-FK58 XLD from SCHOTT with extremely low dispersion (top photo) compared with a glass that has high dispersion (bottom photo). Photo: SCHOTT.
The optical glass N-FK58 XLD from SCHOTT with extremely low dispersion (top photo) compared with a glass that has high dispersion (bottom photo). Photo: SCHOTT.

“Now that we’ve improved our skills in the area of glass melting, we were able to develop this glass that offers extremely low dispersion. It is also particularly worth mentioning that this new type of glass has excellent processing properties, better than comparable materials that are available in the market,” explains Dr.-Ing. Ralf Jedamzik, Application Manager at SCHOTT Advanced Optics.

With N-FK58 XLD, SCHOTT has repositioned itself with respect to glasses that offer extremely low dispersion and has enhanced its portfolio of glass types that offer low dispersion, such as N-PK52A and N-FK51A. In fact, SCHOTT also offers a few of these types of low dispersion glasses in the refractive index level of 0.5, which is the tightest refractive index level available.

New N-FK58 from SCHOTT expands its concerted portfolio of optical glass products for use in high-quality optical designs. This glass offers outstanding performance with respect to apochromatic color aberration correction – especially in combination with SCHOTT’s short flint glasses, N-KZFS4, N-KZFS5, N-KZFS8 or N-KZFS11, for instance. Optimal correction of color aberrations allows for much sharper images, particularly with the high-quality telephoto and cinema lenses that are used in semi-professional and professional photography.

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