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06-10-2014, New York, NY

SCHOTT Demonstrates syriQ™ InJentle Syringes for Biotech Drugs at Pharmapack North America

Rise in sensitive drug formulations requires new syringe concepts
SCHOTT will showcase its syriQ™ InJentle prefillable syringes at Pharmapack North America in New York on June 10-12, 2014 at booth #3466. These high-quality, prefillable glass syringes represent a superior delivery system for the increasingly advanced medicines developed by pharmaceutical companies, especially sensitive biotech drugs. syriQ InJentle’s unique design safely stores drugs and allows for easy administration in a continuing effort to ensure patient safety and health.
The unique design of syriQ™ InJentle reduces the drug’s contact with the material during shelf life. (Picture ID 236882)
The unique design of syriQ™ InJentle reduces the drug’s contact with the material during shelf life. (Picture ID 236882)

“In prefillable syringes, the drug is in contact with more materials than in other types of pharmaceutical primary packaging,” said Anil-Kumar Busimi, Head of Global Product Management Syringe Business at SCHOTT. “There’s contact with the glass, needle, needle glue, needle shield, plunger, and a silicone oil used as lubricant inside of the syringe barrel. With so many materials coming in contact with the drug, the chances of an interaction between the drug and syringe components increase dramatically, and the risk is even higher for sensitive biotech drugs. syriQ InJentle syringes, however, limit the contact materials to glass and rubber, equivalent to the materials drugs are exposed to when housed in vials. Through syriQ InJentle’s advanced design, SCHOTT has reduced this risk and is helping pharmaceutical companies improve their drugs and increase patient safety.”

syriQ InJentle syringes for drug stability

Biotech molecules tend to more easily interact with packaging due to their complex and sensitive makeup. With this in mind, SCHOTT designed syriQ InJentle to decrease the risk by reducing the number of materials and components the drug comes into contact with during storage.

Traces of tungsten, for example, which traditionally are found in glass syringes after the forming process, have been found to interact with some biotech molecules. SCHOTT’s new syringes are designed with a special geometry for the glass body that eliminates the use of a tungsten pin during the glass forming process so that syriQ InJentle is entirely tungsten-free.

Adhesives used for needle bonding could also be a potential source of leachables that could impact drug stability and efficacy. The design of syriQ InJentle syringes prevents the drug from coming into contact with the needle and the adhesive during storage to ensure drug stability.

Another substance critical to syringe functionality—silicone oil—is used to lubricate the inside of the syringe barrel to ensure smooth injection. However, silicone oil has been attributed to unexpected reactions with some biological drugs, leading to protein aggregation or an increase in subvisible particles. This is a new challenge for biotech drug developers. To solve this challenge, the syriQ InJentle barrel has baked-on silicone, which significantly reduces the interaction between the drug and the silicone while maintaining the functionality.

In an additional effort to ensure packaging and drug integrity, the syringe needle shield has a tamper-evident closure that indicates whether the syringe has been used. Yet this closure can be easily opened even after longer storage periods.

Thin and sharp needles for a more comfortable administration

Additionally, the syringe’s design ensures the needle does not stick into the needle shield, preserving the needle’s sharpness. This, combined with high-tech needle siliconization, leads to needles with a low penetration force. In fact, syriQ InJentle syringes can be offered with thin needles—up to 32 gauge. This makes injections less painful for the patient.

SCHOTT syriQ InJentle syringes are ready for filling and packaged in common nests and tubs that can be integrated into existing filling lines. In the field of glass syringes, SCHOTT offers products ranging from 0.5 to 3 milliliters (ml) that are suitable for a variety of applications, such as heparin, vaccines, biotechnology, and special applications.

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