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03-13-2017, San Diego, CA

Mastering the autoclaving challenge: gas-tight medical LEDs and connectors from SCHOTT withstand more than 3,500 sterilization cycles

Superior robustness enables new and customized medical design solutions
The SCHOTT Solidur® LED product lines includes three fully autoclavable LED designs that can be customized according to individual requirements.
The SCHOTT Solidur® LED product lines includes three fully autoclavable LED designs that can be customized according to individual requirements.
SCHOTT, already known in the medical industry as an established supplier of glass optical fibers, will present its Solidur® LEDs and autoclavable medical connectors at the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) Annual Meeting for medical device manufacturers. SCHOTT will display these components along with an array of specialized lighting and imaging products at the San Diego Convention Center from March 15 through 17 at booth #1015.

Designed for medical and dental devices, SCHOTT Solidur® LEDs and medical connectors can be autoclaved over 3,500 times, expanding the range of design possibilities available to medical device engineers and offering opportunities for new and distinct designs, all while meeting strict regulatory requirements for medical devices.

Autoclavable LEDs bring new light to medical devices

SCHOTT Solidur® products are the first line of High Brightness (HB) LEDs that can be autoclaved. They have been tested to withstand up to 3,500 steam cycles at temperatures nearing 275 degrees Fahrenheit. The Solidur® product line includes three basic designs that can be further customized: the Ring LED, TO LED, and Mini LED (which has a diameter of only 2.3 mm). Each is hermetically sealed using inorganic, non-aging materials that can withstand the harsh conditions of medical environments.

“Medical professionals have challenged device manufacturers to develop technology that targets specific diseases and treatment areas,” said Paul Ludgate, Product Sales Manager at SCHOTT North America. “The Solidur® line is our response. With a gas-tight housing, Solidur® LEDs can withstand chemicals, corrosion, and pressure – even with changing temperatures.”

Autoclavable LEDs unlock innovative design possibilities, and the customizable Solidur® products allow device manufacturers to explore new designs and even integrate lighting into devices which traditionally lack illumination, such as retractors, surgical tools and equipment.

Other medical and dental devices, including endoscopes, drills, and curing rods can now be equipped with a fully autoclavable light source directly at the tip of the device, bringing the light source directly to the treatment site.

SCHOTT Solidur® LEDs can be adapted to customer requirements for color temperatures, light colors, radiation profiles, and optical properties. Resistors or electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection can be integrated into the LED module as well.

Autoclavable medical connectors help preserve sensitive electronic components

In addition to the Solidur® LED line, SCHOTT will present its autoclavable medical connectors, a variety of gas-tight housings for hermetic encapsulation of sensitive electronics that meet particularly stringent requirements for devices that need to be sterilized with pressurized steam. These include instruments for use in endoscopy, dental surgery, surgical navigation, spectrometry, and pulse oximetry. The permanent protection of sensitive electronics from heat and moisture in an autoclave plays an important role in aiding the proper function of these types of equipment.

Versatility is the key benefit of SCHOTT’s autoclavable medical connectors. Most notably utilized as a qualified solution for video endoscopes, SCHOTT connectors can be implemented in a broad variety of medical applications in which a robust and gas-tight seal is necessary to protect sensitive electronics. This can include nearly any medical device in a surgery room, including electrical motors for drills and any other tool that needs an electrical supply, but must also be autoclaved.

SCHOTT’s connectors maintain a distinct advantage over polymer-based counterparts by using the same glass-to-metal sealing technology that enables the autoclavability of the Solidur® LEDs.

“During the autoclaving process and especially after repeated cycles, polymer-based connectors will allow for a certain permeability for humidity. This can result in reduced lifespans for electronic components,” said Robert Hettler, R&D Director at SCHOTT. “Our approach is to use a glass-to-metal seal to create a cavity that is completely hermetic. No ingress of moisture or gas is possible, keeping the components free from humidity.”

Much like the Solidur® LEDs, SCHOTT medical connectors can be custom-designed in a number of shapes, sizes, and pin configurations to exactly match customer requirements for integration in medical devices requiring a power supply which also require repeated autoclaving.

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SCHOTT offers autoclavable medical connectors for the reliable encapsulation of the electronic components
SCHOTT offers autoclavable medical connectors for the reliable encapsulation of the electronic components
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