AMIRAN ® - A Difference You Can Actually See

Created in Germany by Schott's leading team of glass engineers, AMIRAN® anti-reflective glass virtually eliminates window glare. It reduces reflections from 8% to as little as 1% in single glazing/laminated windows. And from 15% to as little as 2% in insulated glass. AMIRAN can be used virtually anywhere high visibility is a must. And it's readily available for delivery throughout the U.S.

Glare Reduction is just the beginning.

AMIRAN was used only for the bottom row of windows in the building housing the Today show set at NBC's studios in NYC. Upper windows are normal windows glass and reflect the buildings across the street. Project: NBC's Today show studios, Rockefeller Center, New York, NY
Other features and benefits of AMIRAN:
• Fifteen-year track record; proven in hundreds installations worldwide
• Triple dip coating and high temperature processing ensure maximum durability
• High light transmission; 98% vs. 89-91% for ordinary float glass
• Can be installed in any frame or glazing system suitable for regular window glass
• Can be tempered or laminated for safety glazing • Cuts cooling costs because less lighting is required to overcome glare
• Cuts construction costs; there's no need to provide awnings or tilted glazings to control glare
• Less fading of displayed items, thanks to reduced UV transmissions
• Increases sales appeal of displayed products; also allows entire store interior to become part of general window display
• Greater visiblity in monitoring applications,resulting in greater accuracy and safety
• Enhances the view in restaurants throughout the day; eliminates the glare which often occurs at certain morning, afternoon, and evening hours
• Displayed colors appear true

The possibilities are endless.

This photo, taken from inside The Range Steakhouse at Harrah's Casino in Las Vegas, shows how AMIRAN was used to give patrons an unobstructed view of the city. Project: Harrah's Casino, Las Vegas, NV Architect: Henry Conversano & Associates
The interior and exterior applications for AMIRAN are limited only by your imagination. Current installations include:
• Exterior storefront glazings
• Projection booth windows
• Glazings for restaurants with a view
• Film/video production studio glazings
• Control tower windows for airports
• Glazings for large museum displays
• Windows for observation and security booths
• Glazings for zoos, special exhibits and displays
• Glass covers for cash machines
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