Genuine CERAN® glass-ceramic panels.
35 million cooktops backed by more than 25 years of experience.

Genuine CERAN® Glass Ceramic Panels

The CERAN® glass-ceramic panel.
CERAN® glass-ceramic panels offer a revolutionary kind of cooking surface and are the key element of today’s state-of-the-art smoothtop ranges. Black CERAN® panels are translucent, smooth, pore-free and stay attractive through years of use. A unique combination of performance characteristics makes the CERAN® glass-ceramic panel an ideal cooktop surface.

Scratch and stain resistant.
It takes more than normal wear and use to mar the surface of a CERAN® panel or to damage its decorative design and cooking zone markings. What’s more, the glass-ceramic material’s black color tends to hide any scratches that might occur.

Impact resistant.
Tests (based on actual UL specifications) involve dropping a four-pound pot on a CERAN® panel from a height of six inches -- over and over again -- with the surface hot and with the surface cold. Even under these extremely abusive conditions, genuine CERAN® panels hold up beautifully.

Extreme heat resistance.
CERAN® glass-ceramic panels are capable of withstanding constant temperatures of more than 1300ºF and are resistant to severe and sudden temperature changes.

Virtually zero thermal expansion.
CERAN® panels don’t expand or contract as they heat up or cool down, so normal cooking temperatures don’t crack or warp them. That’s another reason why they retain their good looks so well.

Excellent heat control.
CERAN'S composition and thickness lend themselves to efficient heat transfer. The panel transmits heat directly upwards, so even while one cooking zone gets hot, the rest of the CERAN® panel remains cool.

Translucence for safety.
The fact that you can clearly see a hot element coil glowing through the CERAN® panel helps prevent accidents.

Smooth surface.
The smooth, even surface of CERAN® panels makes moving cookware across the cooktop both easy and safe.

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