Energy Storage & Generation

Storage is the key to safety, flexibility and mobility in the use of energy. Since electricity is a fleeting power, it must be used as it is being generated – or converted immediately into another form of i.e. electrochemical or electrostatic energy to save it for later use.

SCHOTT supplies the crucial components for durable and high performance energy storage devices. These include our novel hermetic GTAS® glass-to-aluminium sealed covers and lid systems that help to prolong the lifetime of capacitors and lithium-ion batteries. We also manufacture HF-scavenging glass powder which can contribute to enhanced longevity of lithium-ion batteries and capacitors by preventing the formation of hydrofluoric acid in systems with fluid or liquid electrolytes.
Exhibitions & Events
Exhibition CIAAR - Auto Air-conditioning & Transport Refrigeration Expo, Shanghai, China, 11-12 to 11-14-2020
Exhibition Sensors Expo & Conference, San Jose, CA, USA, 11-16 to 11-18-2020
Electronic Packaging
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