Feedthroughs for Flex Fuel Sensors

Product Description

With the growing trend of environmental mindfulness, demand for vehicles equipped with E85 flex fuel engines is increasing worldwide. E85 is a fuel mixture that contains 15% petrol and 85% ethanol, which is derived from corn, sugar cane, and other plants. In its usage as a vehicle fuel, it significantly reduces carbon dioxide emissions.

The ratio of E85 within a vehicle must be monitored to make continuous and necessary adjustments to the ignition and injection points inside the engine. This important process is supported by flex fuel sensors, which measure the ethanol to gasoline ratio in the fuel line to the injectors.

Flex fuel sensors are installed directly into the fuel pipe, where they are protected from the aggressive environmental conditions by our glass-to-metal sealed hermetic packages.


Glass-to-metal sealed feedthroughs for flex fuel sensors are fully hermetic and provide long-lasting protection for the sensor from the harsh environmental conditions in the engine compartment where they operate. This is especially important for flex fuel sensors because ethanol is a particularly aggressive substance.


Flex fuel sensors are used in the fuel delivery systems found in many modern automobiles equipped with an E85 ethanol fuel system.

Technical Details


To enable the reliable hermeticity of feedthroughs for flex fuel sensors, SCHOTT utilizes its specialty glass-to-metal sealing technology. Please visit this page for more information.

The housings, which are manufactured using compression glass-to-metal sealing, are generally equipped with stainless steel because of its extreme corrosion resistance. The glass types used in the sealing process are also resistant to ethanol and petrol.

Features / Specifications

Our feedthroughs and hermetic packages for flex fuel sensors are custom-made to meet specific application needs. Please contact us for more information.

Forms of Supply and Product Packaging

All products can be packaged individually and supplied on trays.


All of our Automotive Division production facilities are TS 16949 certified. For more information, please refer to our quality assurance processes.
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