Quartz Housings for Frequency Control

Some materials are able to generate an electric potential, when mechanical pressure is applied - this phenomenon is known as 'piezoelectricity'. In 1880, this unique property was discovered in quartz crystals. Since the 1920s, the unique ability to tune quartz crystals to vibrate at fixed frequencies has been used to produce sequences of precision time signals, making quartz crystals the ideal time regulation medium for a variety of applications. To maintain the time-keeping accuracy, it is necessary to protect the delicate crystals from extraneous influences.

Various high-tech applications such as consumer electronics, automotive electronics and industrial equipment are often exposed to demanding elements such as heat, humidity and impact stress. These environmental influences can severely impair the performance of electronic components found within these applications. This is particularly true for the sensitive quartz crystals found within time control devices.

Our quartz crystal enclosures utilize a combination of glass and metal to hermetically protect the quartz crystals. This protection helps to fulfill important demands expected of quartz crystals such as reliability and long service life.
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