Bioactive Dental Glass

Product Description

SCHOTT bioactive dental glass, a type of restorative glass ionomer material based on 45S5 formulation, has a remineralization and strengthening effect on human hard tissue, and is therefore beneficial for the treatment of acid-caused tooth enamel erosion. When activated with water, bioactive dental glass releases the ions of its composition, which form a mineral matrix equivalent to that of hydroxyapatite. This property of bioactive dental glass material enables an anchoring to body tissue in a way that is as natural as possible.
Due to its superior mineral enrichment efficacy, our bioactive restorative dental glass materials can add supplementary therapeutic and prophylactic effects to dental filling composites.


Bioactive restorative dental glass materials are one of the most promising biomaterials due to its specific biological responses in the body environment. The properties of bioactive glass and glass ionomer materials can provide customers with the following benefits:
Remineralization and strengthening of human hard tissue:
  • Beneficial for the treatment of acid-caused tooth enamel erosion
Strengthening through mineral enrichment:

Formation of mineral matrix equivalent to natural hydroxy apatite:
  • Through release of ions, when activated with water
  • Therapeutic and prophylactic effects
  • Immediate and long-lasting increase of pH level, which is essential for the
  • Protection of the tooth structure from damaging effects of acids
Excellent biocompatibility

Self-preserving effect:
  • On a broad range of bacteria and fungi in Hemmhof tests
  • Test indicate that the effect increases with the reduction of particle sizes


SCHOTT’s bioactive restorative dental glass materials are utilized as important ingredients in the dental industry for filling materials, adhesives, sealing media, and restorative material. For remineralization, bioactive glass releases minerals that are dentally important by means of ion exchange.

Technical Details

With more than 130 years of experience, SCHOTT melts all dental glasses in specially designed aggregates to produce glass of optical quality. The choice of melting technology depends on the composition and quality requirements of the individual glass type.
Depending on the desired grain size and distribution, different dry and wet grinding technologies are used to grind the raw glass into fine powder. Bioactive glass comprises powder with different particle sizes.

Features / Specifications
For further information about our dental glass materials, please go to the downloads tab.

Form of Supply and Product Packaging

Our standard packaging consists of sealed PE-bags in cardboard drums. For alternative packaging, please contact us.


For more information on the different quality assurance programs, please click on our quality assurance processes page.
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