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Tooth decay is considered to be one of the most common infectious diseases worldwide, despite improved dental care. Today dental composites, glass ionomer cements and compomers are the materials of choice in aesthetic dental restoration. Glass is a key ingredient in these fillings, as it enhances aesthetics and durability. In fact, composite fillings can consist of up to 80 percent high-purity glass powder.

The quality of this specialty glass powder is defined by several important properties:
High transparency of the special glass is essential, so the composite material can be perfectly matched to the natural color of the tooth, by adding color pigments.

As a raw material supplier SCHOTT provides a broad range of dental glasses, used as inorganic fillers. Based on the rich and long experience in glass manufacturing SCHOTT continues to set standards, developing and producing dental glasses of very high quality, excellent transparency, and extremely high purity down to the smallest grain size: SCHOTT NanoFine®.

Please refer to the individual product pages to find out more about our portfolio of dental glasses:


Let’s make your composites even more unique.

SCHOTT® DentalGlass

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