Inert Dental Glass

Product Description

Inert dental glass, also referred to as glass ionomer filling material, is a major component of composite fillings in modern dentistry. Their utilization in tooth restoration provides strength and durability, combined with an excellent aesthetic appearance. Due to their composition, the chemical reactivity of these materials is low (“inert”).
Customers can choose from hundreds of product combinations, which are generated from more than ten different material compositions (glass types) with over a dozen different grain sizes.

As an additional service, we can supply our inert dental glass material silanated. A silane layer increases the wettability of the glass by the resin and allows the bonding of the non-reactive dental glass to the resin components of your material.
This broad range of options enables dental composite manufacturers to choose a tailor made solution for any dental composite.


Excellent aesthetic appearance combined with strength, durability and ease of use are the main standards for highest quality composite filling materials.

SCHOTT‘s inert dental glass filling material enables dental composite manufacturers to create tailor-made solutions:

Largest variety in the market:
  • A broad choice of glass formulations
  • Optional silanation service
  • Optional fluoride content

Consistent physical and chemical properties:
  • Tightly controlled composition of glasses

Outstanding transparency:
  • Refractive index exactly matched to the most commonly used dental resins, varying from 1.50 to 1.60

Broad range of grain sizes available:
from coarse K-grinds down to submicron SCHOTT NanoFine®

  • All inert dental glasses are available in coarse SCHOTT® K-grinds, SM grinds as well as UltraFine quality, with a mean particle size down to 0.4 μm
  • Our dental glass types GM27884 and G018-308 are additionally available in SCHOTT NanoFine® NF180: special submicron grinds
  • Small grain sizes with a narrow distribution and minimum abrasion levels provide maximum freedom in adjusting color and transparency, which allows low shrinkage and excellent polishability

Fast, reliable and flexible service
  • From sampling to serial quantities


SCHOTT‘s inert dental glass ionomer filling material is used as an inorganic filler for dental composites and make up for 70-80% in weight, thus being the key ingredient.

Glass particles can be coated with a silane layer to allow bonding and mixing with an organic resin as well as additional ingredients, e.g. color pigments. Therefore, composite material is formed as a viscous paste, which is applied by the dentist into the cavity layer by layer, cured with a special UV-light and polished to ensure a smooth and appealing surface.

Technical Details


With over 130 years of experience, SCHOTT melts all dental glasses in specially designed aggregates to produce optical quality glass. The choice of melting technology depends on the composition and quality requirements of the individual glass type.
Depending on the desired grain size and distribution, different dry and wet grinding technologies are used to grind the raw glass into fine powder.
Features / Specifications

For further information about our glass ionomer filling, please go to the downloads tab.

Form of Supply and Product Packaging

Our standard packaging consists of sealed PE-bags in cardboard drums. For alternative packaging, please contact us.


For more information on the different quality assurance programs, please click on our quality assurance processes page.
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