Radiopaque Dental Composite Additive

Product Description

In dental diagnostics it is extremely important for any material implanted in the body to be radiographically perceptible (visible on an x-ray) and distinguishable from disease effects and natural structures. SCHOTT offers an additive for dental filler materials that provides extremely high radiopacity and is available in SCHOTT NanoFine® grain size. It is a suitable pigment for clearer x-ray visibility and can be silanated using a standard process.


The main advantages of using SCHOTT’s radiopaque dental composite additive in composite fillings are improved visibility of dental caries as well as the possibility to observe the radiographic interface between tooth tissues and dental materials.

These benefits are reached through the following product characteristics of the radiopaque dental composite additive:
  • Providing excellent radiopacity for liners, core material and posterior materials
  • Average grain size smaller than 120 nm allows for tighter filler loading of the glass particles, greater mechanical strength and durability
  • Manufacturing in accordance with SCHOTT’s highest quality standards


SCHOTT's radiopaque fillers for dental composites provides good differentiation between the filling and tooth structure on radiographs. Occurring cracks and cavities can be easily identified.

Technical Details

The raw materials are weighed and then mixed thoroughly. The glass batch is melted and homogenized. The clear glass plates are then milled to glass powders for dental applications.
The choice of melting technology depends on the composition and quality requirements of the individual glass type.
Depending on the desired grain size and distribution, different dry and wet grinding technologies are used to grind the raw glass into fine powder.

Features / Specifications
For further information on our available glasses, please go to the downloads tab.

Form of Supply and Product Packaging
Our standard packaging consists of sealed PE-bags in cardboard drums. For alternative packaging, please contact us.


For more information on the different quality assurance programs, please click on our quality assurance processes page.
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