Terminal Headers / Electrical Penetrations

for Energy and Nuclear Safety Applications

Our hermetic Eternaloc® cable penetrations in compression glass seal technology represent an approved worldwide standard for the safety of power, control and instrumentation feedthroughs. We deliver the most reliable, maintenance-free containment penetrations -- particularly when critical components are involved -- whether the application is for pressure vessel construction, power plants or special ship building applications.

The hermetic seal and all electrical functions are safely maintained even during severe accident conditions, which include pressure surges, increasing temperatures, thermal cyclic conditions, mechanical shocks and vibrations.

Once installed, these cable penetrations allow for maintenance-free hermetic sealing for decades.
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Exhibition CIOE - China International Optoelectronic Exposition, Shenzhen, China, 09-01 to 09-03-2021
Exhibition Gastech, Singapore, Singapore, 09-13 to 09-16-2021
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