Customized Housings

Product Description

With our GTMS technology, we are equipped to provide you with hermetically-sealed products for your various requirements; from small amounts such as lead processing, which includes punching, bending and crushing to pipe lead sealing, high electric strength specification, and others.


We have accumulated vast expertise and acquired specialized equipment over the years, which enables us to manufacture a wide range of products with short lead-times. Please contact us for your customized needs.


GTMS products can be used in, but are not limited to, applications such as relays, battery cells, actuators and vacuum devices.

Technical Details


For more information about our GTMS technology, please click on this page. Alternatively, you can find out about our GTMS products from the Hermetic Sealing Brochure.

Features / Specifications

We provide various types of GTMS products to the market, such as the GTMS with single pin model, the tube pin model, the multiple pin model, the high voltage proof model, the connector pin model and the forming pin model. The range of available sizes varies from the extremely compact to mid-sizes as well.

Forms of Supply and Product Packaging

Standard forms of supply are available. Please contact our sales department if you have special requests concerning supply and packaging.


Our customized GTMS products are all manufactured in our ISO 9001/14001 certified plants, the quality assurance standard of ISO. For more information, please click here.
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