EML TEC TO Package (Extended Feedthrough)

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Cooled header for EML applications, economical alternative to box packages.

The SCHOTT TEC TO package is a newly developed transistor outline (TO) which is ideal for laser diodes that require a thermoelectric cooler (TEC). The thermoelectric cooler allows for controlled heat dissipation, which leads to regulated and stable laser wavelengths and higher power signal transmission. 

TEC TO (Extended Feedthrough) are suitable to be used in 10Gb Ethernet, CPRI, XGPON and other tunable laser applications.

Product Features

  • Optimized 25 or 50ohm extended feedthrough
  • Design for TEC, ceramic submount, and 45deg mirror reflected laser light

Product Variants

OSA Type
TO Can Description
XFP 10 Gbps Tx SMF TO-56, 1 x 50-ohm, 6+1 Large space for TEC, 2 TEC pin, Separate Thermistor, MPD, LD bias, Signal pins, one gnd pin
6.0mm dia, 1 x 25-ohm, 6+1
6.0mm dia, 1 x 50-ohm, 6+1
EML TEC TO Extended Feedthrough
TEC TO with components
EML TEC TO with components

Product Performance

S11 (dB) – Reflection/Return Loss
EML TEC TO S11 Graph
S21 (dB) – Insertion Loss
EML TEC TO S21 Graph
S11: Better than -15dB @10GHz for speeds of up to 10 Gbps.
S21: 3dB bandwidth better than 15GHz.
EML TEC TO Graphic

Matched TO cap types

Matched with Lens cap, molded mini Lens, window cap solder type and window cap mold type.

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EP TO Team
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